The Best Well Worst Birthday Suprise Ever!

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“Beep Beep” went the ear piercing beep of Amanda’s alarm clock. As Amanda slowly opened her fresh morning eyes she was startled by the sight of her family all with balloons and presents. “What is all this?’’ Amanda replied excited.

“Its your birthday Amanda happy 12th!”. Amanda rapidly swung out of bed threw on her birthday best faster than cheetah hunt can go around 10 times and then grabbed her birthday presents.

“I wonder what it could be!” Amanda rejoiced. As Amanda began to open her one and only bag her mom began to find her car keys in her jungle in a purse. As Amanda reached in she grabbed somthing thinner than a one sided pancake as she brought it out she found……. A Bush Gardens ticket!

When they got in the car they were as bundled and tight as a elephant in a ant hill. As Amanda’s dad started the car, the car made a “EEEOINK” kind of noise.’’What is wrong with this car?” Amanda’s mom shrieked in confusion.

“It’s probalbly nothing just the tires turing” Amanda’s dad replied as he pulled out of the driveway and galloped to the freeway. On the freeway Amanda and her family saw some pretty strange things such as a voltzwagon with eyelashes over the headlights and dogs with there heads out the window with there tounge out and slobber flowing out hitting car windows as if it was a waterfall pouring and pouring out slobber.

As they got of the freeway and got on to exit 63 they found the car sputtering out midnight black smoke. “Oh great what could that be?” Amanda’s mom asked.

“It’s probalbly the new tires wearing in” Amanda’s dad replies. As they pulled up to the man wearing his work outfit in the tiny, tiny ticket booth Amanda’s mom struggled to find the ridiculous fee of eight dollars to park in her jungle of a purse. As soon as they parked Amanda hopped out of the car and starting booketing torwads the entry gates.

“I can’t believe i’m here, i’m really really here!” Amanda shouted as she pranced with joy as if she was lighter than a feather. When they walked up to the big tall entry gates Amanda handed her ticket the plump man who smelt as if he spent his days here cleaning up the vomit of some of the kids who got a little to dizzy.

Faster than you can say joy buzzer Amanda shrieked with joyfull dread as she saw the sight of the brand new ride called….. zoom boom! “Can we please ride this now! right now ohh please!

“Ok Amanda lets go wait in the line!”

When they got in line they waited for six hours and still they never moved, it was as if their feet were cemented to the floor. Finnaly after another two hours of waiting which makes eight hours total Amanda and her family finnaly got on the...

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