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"The Bet" By Anton Chekhov The debate among about life imprisonment virus's capital punishment has been fought long and hard. This argument takes place here in this story where two men are having a lively discussion about which is more humane, life imprisonment or capital punishment. The one who chooses life imprisonment is the lawyer. The banker is against this and chooses death. The banker is so sure that no one would lose their life to imprisonment rather then end it all quickly. The banker, so confident, makes the bet with the lawyer staking two million rubles that he couldn't sacrifice his freedom for his belief and stay confined by himself for fifteen years.The banker being so confident thinks no one would lose fifteen years of his or her life for so much money. In the beginning the banker disagrees with the people who say that the death penalty is out of date. He tells them "capital punishment kills a man at once, but life long imprisonment kills him slowly." The banker feels that a quick death will relieve of the pain and he wouldn't have to live with what he has done for the rest of his life. The banker believes that losing ones life to imprisonment is frivolous and stupid. Money is nothing to him "two million's a trifle, but you are losing three or fours of the best years of your life." The banker is too rapped up in money to see that it isn't always the answer. The banker would rather be dead then be imprisoned and sees it as humane as possible. "Which is more humane, he who kills you in a few minutes or he who drags the life out of you in the course of many years?" The banker is caught up in his world of money and greed and sees if he has nothing life isn't worth living. He thinks it is better to not feel the pain at all then to become a better person from it.The banker later in life changes his mind about the death penalty after losing his money and sees that he can live without money. The banker learns that money doesn't make up his life and that living confined doesn't help a man become better. "What is the good of a man losing fifteen years of his life and my throwing away two million?" one of the reasons the banker thought it to be foolish was because he had nothing good to live for. He sees the uselessness in the bet and...

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1851 words - 7 pages “To live anyhow is better than not at all” (Chekhov 1) , the short story, The Bet commenced with the conflict when the person had no choice but to choose between the death penalty or life in prison. The Bet was originally written by Anton Chekhov, a profound Russian short-story writer who concentrated a lot on human values and the reflection of the extravagantly selfish Russian nobility. And through The Bet he was able to express all those ideas


1332 words - 5 pages Pavlovich Chekhov was a Russian physician, dramaturge and author who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short stories in history. His career as a dramatist produced four classics and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics. Chekhov practiced as a medical doctor throughout most of his literary career: "Medicine is my lawful wife", he once said, "and literature is my mistress." The Bet" is an 1889 short story

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