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The Betrayal Essay

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Hello everyone,

I'm a male who enjoys playing dominant characters, looking for some fun, creative and intelligent long-term female partners.

Some of you may have seen my threads before and that I'm not particularly into 'submissive' females, which is true. However, what I mean by that isn't that I'm not into domination/submission scenes, it's just that I find passivity boring and am much more interested in the concepts of reluctance, 'taking' control, or unwilling submission - whether it be through seduction, manipulation, mental intimidation or physical force - than willing subservience.

I have a few ideas below but if you've come here looking for hundreds of fully developed plots you have the wrong place. One of the main reasons for that is that I like to chat to partners and make sure we both have some input into a plot, rather than just jumping straight in. What I'm after first and foremost are good partners - developing scenes from there is the easy part. If you think we may be compatible based on what lies beneath, feel free to PM me.

As for long-term or short-term scenes, I'm open to both. It depends on the chemistry between characters and and the possibilities for taking the play in different directions. Having said that, even short-term for me means at least a few good sessions (though there's also nothing wrong with the occasional one-shot if we both have the time and inclination).

General stuff

I'd consider myself 'semi-lit', meaning generally 1-3 paragraphs per post. I'm not the most gifted technical writer, but I see roleplaying as more about the ability to improvise and work with a partner in creating a collaborative, interactive and entertaining story than 'perfect' writing. Saying that, I do know how to spell, punctuate, use correct grammar and string coherent sentences together.

I have kinks and whatnot below, however this isn't an exhaustive list. I have varied tastes, from realism to over-the-top, dark and depraved to light and fluffy, flirtation to domination, consensual to force, teasing to provocation, naive and innocent females to feisty, independent ones, and lots more.

What I'm most interested in are themes which involve a challenge, mind-games, word-games, a battle of wits, manipulation, etc - anything which requires my character to use his brain without (necessarily) resorting to physical force. However, if physical force is your thing, let me know as I'm open to that as well.

I can portray a sweet, caring character, an arrogant bastard or a cocky flirt just as well as I can portray a violent psycho without remorse or empathy, so don't be afraid to throw pretty much any idea at me. Light and fluffy can be just as much fun as dark and depraved. As for smut, I prefer it to be a natural part of the story, not the sole purpose of it.

What I also like is for both characters to have their own motivations and reasons for the things they do, and scenes where either of the characters find themselves in a situation...

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