Issues With Missing Appiontments In The Army

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Missed appointments are a huge issue in the Army. A missed appointment affects the readiness of both individual Soldiers and their supporting units. The first and most obvious detriment to the readiness of a Soldier with a missed appointment is the ever-present threat of UCMJ action taken under article 86, Absent Without Leave. To be charged under article 86 of the UCMJ you merely have to be not present at the given place of your appointment at the specified time. Receiving an article 15 for the above charge can have a domino effect on both the Soldier’s professional and personal life. Depending on the severity of the punishment exacted through the article 15 the Service Member runs the risk of losing time, money, and freedom. In an extreme case the loss of these things can cause a fit of depression that firstly could cause the Service Member to seek further help through behavioral health services to feel better. Secondly, if the Service Member is not resilient in the face of this adversity they may not get back on the metaphorical horse and their work suffers for this they can come under even more scrutiny. With an article 15 the lost time for work is not always noticed when it come to the multiple reading and the time it takes to prepare the paperwork. First the commander takes time out of his busy day to read the Service Member not only once but twice. Administration not only takes the time to prepare but also deliver the necessary paperwork to trial defense services. If the offense is repetitive the possibility of court martial can come into play. Now all the work that went into an article 15 grows exponentially. Not only does jag have to pull together a case to prosecute a Soldier, but also the Soldier and their attorney have to spend time away from work to prepare a defense. This process can take weeks and even months away from the units mission. Depending on who the Service Member being charged is the unit’s readiness could suffer in many different ways. If the service ember being charged is the supply noncommissioned officer in charge, the unit may see a drop in accountability and ordering. If the Service Member works in the motor pool services and the readiness of the unit’s vehicles could suffer from the Service Member’s absence. This example can be looked at a hundred different ways depending on where the Service Member works in the unit. Looking at the grandest scheme possible, Lieutenant General Hertling said in a 2012 Armed Forces Network public announcement that Unites States Army Europe loses ten million Dollars a year based on missed appointment. The detriment to the mission this causes was shown by the disappearing of a UH-60 “Black Hawk”. I like to refer to the UH-60 as the Army’s flying boner of death The Warrant officer he spoke to in the AFN announcement said that the Blackhawk costs the same amount as all the missed appointments in a year. The lack of having a Black Hawk around could mean the life or death for a Soldier,...

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