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The Beverly Hills Paradox Essay

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The City of Beverly Hills is the culmination of what America traditionally considers to be successful. To own an expensive property and surround oneself in an atmosphere of wealth, with an almost assured white community, coincides directly with the aspiring beliefs of many Americans. Yet, this conventional idea of a picture-perfect life that disregards impoverished minorities comes with the risk of stalling the growth of America’s future as these minorities will sooner than later be the groups needed to drive the nation’s economic, social, and political engines. The marketing and promotion of a Beverly Hills type lifestyle as a beacon for the “American Dream” fails to recognize the ...view middle of the document...

From a business stand point that ignores social issues, it would make no point for rich company owners in Los Angeles to vow for a re-branding of iconic areas such as Beverly Hills to convey the monopolizing effects they have on surrounding poor communities seeing that it would result in a loss of revenue for their business. A radical campaign such as this would only bring about issues regarding the division of wealth and when it comes down to what matters most for companies, they want to convince their consumers that their company values are inclusive of all people, regardless of social status. By essentially controlling the ideological views of Americans that Los Angeles is full of prosperous individuals, companies can eliminate the threat of the poor voicing their displeasure because there is no medium for the impoverished to do so. Resulting from this is an “American Dream” that is non-inclusive to minorities, full of unrealistic city-wide portrayals, and entirely created by wealthy old-school entrepreneurs that have not adjusted their business ideas to develop with the critical needs of the nation.
As Los Angeles already has, the nation is moving towards a diverse Latino driven population and if the struggle of current minorities is not addressed by upcoming generations America will undergo the Beverly Hills effect: the richer will get richer and America’s eventual majority-minority will become poorer and poorer and be given little room to play a role in the “American Dream”. Against common belief, the minority population of America is a commanding force within the nation’s economy as their future generations will provide the small businesses and labor that serve as a backbone for fiscal equilibrium. To put in perspective the magnitude of the demographic impact set to occur, all in all, minorities, now 37 percent of the U.S. population, are projected to comprise 57 percent of the population in 2060 (according to U.S. Census Bureau projections released 12/12/2012). From this data it becomes clear that the people that have historically made the least amount of money but yet have been crucial to America’s growth as a country are set to become a majority with growing issues of just representation in American society. The dynamic of Beverly Hills versus the rest of Los Angeles is a perfect example of how the distribution of wealth is unequal and unfair to minorities that play an under the radar role in shaping economic matters. With time though, this issue will only grow as it will not just be a problem in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, but it will be a problem that various states will be plagued with. Los Angeles serves as a microcosm for the future of America and if rich communities are able to continue this pattern of not giving minorities the respect that they deserve both socially, through paid for ideological manipulation, and economically, through the lack of upward mobility that the “American Dream” has promised to all, a troubling...

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