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The Bible And Psychology Essay

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There are many different perspectives from which to investigate the study of psychology. The intermittent theories of psychology cover a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts. Some views of psychology support the bible. However, most of the topics covered in psychology do not fit in the Biblical perspective and often goes against what the bible says. It stands to reason that many of the foundational theorists of psychology did not include biblical concepts in their works since a major portion of psychologists were atheists themselves. There are numerous biblical ideals with which psychology as a whole does not agree. One idea that does not agree with the Bible is the Freudian view that man is inherently evil. Another view that does not fit in the Biblical perspective of things is the subject of behaviorism. The last psychological idea that does not fit in the biblical view is how we change bad ...view middle of the document...

This argument basically says that we are naturally bad people and our natural drive is to do bad things. I think this argument actually defeats itself. If we are all inherently bad, then what would be the need for justice? Why would people ever want to do good things? This definitely goes against bible teachings. The bible states that man was created in the image of God, who is the core, foundation, and embodiment of goodness and truth. Although at some point, all people make mistakes and evil choices, mankind was not created inherently evil because God is not evil. Man was made in God’s likeness and chose to sin. Man was not created sinful, and did not have to sin. Christians strive in their following of Christ to return to the state of goodness and fellowship with the Lord that man was originally meant for and which was lost with the choice to sin.
The second difference involves the study of behaviorism. Behaviorism claims that consciousness is neither a definite. We cannot use our conscience. The behaviorist says that the belief in the existence of consciousness is useless. Behaviorism assumes man is incapable of responsibility. We cannot be trusted with anything. The bible tells us of many responsibilities that we have. We are told to go out and spread the gospel. God would not put his trust in us if we were not capable of taking responsibility for what God told us to do. We would also be incapable of self-discipline and self-determined morality. We wouldn’t care for other people and there would be no right and wrong. We would also be incapable of independent achievement because there is no self in the first place. Behaviorism says you just react to external forces. The concepts of consciousness, awareness, self-control, will, self-determinism, and personal responsibility cannot and do not exist. These are considered minor things and of no meaningful significance. At best all internal subjective states, including feelings, are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain or reactions to the environment.

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