The Bible: Extracting Truth From Lies, Embellishment, And Persuasion Stories

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It is known to most that the gospels often differ from historical facts due to the writer of each gospel putting significant emphasis on particular actions and attributes of Jesus. Also a major part in this difference is the fact that the gospels were written 35-60 years after the death of Jesus and some of these memories have altered over time. Differences in conflicting evidence, writing to different communities, writing during a different time period, and with different intentions are all more reasons as to why these gospels conflict with historical facts. There is said to be six accounts that are subdivided into two separate traditions. These two traditions are those having to do with the appearance of Jesus in Galilee and the others are the appearances of Jesus to the eleven disciples in Jerusalem. These two traditions seem to not have any knowledge of one another and when the two were attempted to be combined into one tradition it was proven that this is not only impossible but it is unbeneficial.
One factor that that all these accounts have in common is that Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death. This proves that Jesus has risen. There seems to be some patterns incorporated in these gospels including. One of these patterns is that Jesus’ followers were extremely discouraged, depressed, and disappointed after Jesus’ death thinking that he would have redeemed Israel for all of his followers, as stated in Luke and Johns gospel (Luke 24:21, John 20:19). Also, in John, Luke and Matthews gospels, it was shown that Jesus was always the one to initiate appearances and he was the one who came and stood in front of them, passing on his word to his followers. The term “Peace be with you” or another salutation was constantly said by Jesus towards his followers. This is shown in John and Matthew (John 20:19, Matthew 28:9). In John and Matthews’s gospel there is at least one point where they specifically recognize that Jesus is the Lord. This is called the climactic point, which is known as the “moment of recognition.” In the gospels the moment of recognition is paired with fear and than later that fear is diminished with reassurance. Lastly, in Matthew, John and Luke they all express a command from Jesus given to his followers to make more disciples for him.
There is a certain quality of “sameness” that is displayed throughout the gospels in different ways. This element of sameness exists between Jesus the crucified and risen Jesus. This is shown through descriptions of Jesus’ actions including him touching, eating, walking, speaking etc. Lane goes into depth analyzing the difference between the historical and risen Jesus as well as the idea of sameness mentioned earlier. The differences between the gospels is show in the fact that the disciples didn’t believe it was Jesus right away after his death, they thought he was someone else at first, or did not even recognize their own Lord. Mark explains Jesus as “appearing in a...

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