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The Bible In High School Essay

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Bible verses are seen on many of today’s products. Everything from bracelets to coffee mugs have these great words displayed on them and are being sold at a very high rate. As a Christian, it is very encouraging to see these products fly off the shelves as they are. It is even more encouraging to see so many high schools use bible verses on their teams or clubs banners. This is an opportunity for the word to be spread to people who may not be around the church setting very often. Despite the advantages, the use of verses on banners has been criticized. People are saying this is an attempt by the school to promote religion and these people are trying to get the school to remove these verses. Many schools are complying with this request, others are on the fence. I believe students should be allowed to put whatever they would like on banners they create.
The central argument of this conflict involves the establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the first amendment. The first amendment of the constitution says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The first part of this sentence is known as the Establishment Clause and the second part is known as the Free Exercise Clause. These clauses point out the role the government has involving the hot topic of religion. In a nutshell, these amendments are saying that the government cannot aid a particular religion and it cannot force or influence a person to avoid or join a religion.
In high school, I believe there are two examples to consider. For example, students in a student section, a group who comes together and cheers on their team during a sporting event, should be able to keep religious references. The group is not involved with the school and is not a club or organization from the school. They should be able to keep their freedom of speech right in this situation without a doubt. The second example involves a different group and seems to bring much more debate. Often in high schools; you see bands, teams, fans, and cheerleaders holding banners with religious references, mostly Christian, inscribed on them. While many argue that they should not be able to do this because they are a group sponsored by the school, I strongly disagree. The decision to use these verses is still decided by an individual or a group of individuals. The banner is not sponsored by the school, so why should they be able to control it? The students, cheerleaders, or team members have the right to use whatever words they see fit on their banner.
My strong disagreement of taking the references of the banners comes from my strong Christian faith. I attend church every time the doors are open and am very involved with my youth group. The main belief I have is that God is the one true God and no other gods exist but him. Even though I believe this as truth, as do many of my fellow peers, there are some who have different beliefs and who...

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