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The Bible Science Essay

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In the universe, God is one of the most mysterious subjects so far. God is like that magician who both directly and indirectly has bonded the human being in his illusion and paradox. The persons who believe and consider the God, they always lie in the confusion that they might live where do, how, and why. And the persons who do not want to accept God be any element with denying the existence or sovereignty of God, even if they somewhere negatively are discovering the God.
It is not that tills now no man has picked off this illusion of God and not found that conjurer God. God has found by only those persons who have been succeed to remove themselves beyond from the existence of illusion of ...view middle of the document...

When these particles join with each other through the reciprocal relationships of their dual characteristics, they form an atom. Atoms, in turn, display either a positive or a negative valence. When the dual characteristics within one atom enter into reciprocal relationships with those in another atom, they form a molecule. Molecules formed in this manner engage in further reciprocal relationships between their dual characteristics to eventually become nourishment fit for consumption by living beings of universe.
Let us begin by pointing out the common elements which are found universally throughout the natural world. It is also said that the entire earth and its offspring are based on five fundamental elements. Of course, it is a chemical guise of the earth which is matched with a large extent to chemical guises of other galaxies. When the guise of Facsimile of God has chemical background then it is felt authentic that the guise of God also be chemical. Energy exists in order to form particles, particles occur to form atoms, atoms to form molecules, molecules to form matter, and matter subsists for the creation of all the individual...

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