The Biblical Aspecst In The Poems “A Stone's Throw” And “The Woman Speaks To The Man Who Has Employed Her Son”

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The Biblical Aspecst in the poems “A Stone's Throw” and “The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her son”

The poem “A Stone's Throw” by Elma Mitchel and “The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her son” by Lorna Goodison both deal with the theme of religion. These poems differ in content; one deals with a woman being persecuted for her sins and the other has to do with a mother’s love for her child. This essay aims to outline the situation in each poem, discuss one aspect of religion in each and discuss a biblical allusion in each as well.

First, in the poem “A Stone's Throw” we have a group of men catching a woman in the act of adultery. “A decent-looking woman, you'd have said, (They often are)” is sarcastically making the point that the lady was not really decent. They want to stone her and persecute her for her sins but a preacher intervenes and disagrees on what they want to do. The preacher kneels down and talks to the woman, he tells her something the men can not hear. He looks at the woman, maybe implying that he sees her sins but the woman then looks at the men, implying that she sees their sins as well. The men thought they were bringing justice by hurting this woman; they thought they were virtuous and free of sin but the woman and the preacher made them realize that they were sinners as well. In Lorna Goodison's poem we see a woman experiencing pregnancy symptoms like a “a metallic tide” or vomiting. She raises her son as a mother and father because the father never there. The mother has great hope that her son will be a better man and pays her back for all her struggles; she sets no barrier to set him back from accomplishing his dreams. As her son grows up, he gets a job and sees his employer as a father figure but the irony lays in the fact that the employer gave him a gun. Someone who cares about his son would not give him a gun, knowing that only trouble can arise from it. The mother knows that her son will end up dying so she goes to town to buy funeral apparel as to prepare for his death. She cries and prays for both her son and his employer although she knows that her son has betrayed her.

Next, in “A Stone's Throw” the aspect of religion that is being emphasized is that “God is a forgiving God”. This is understood because of the allusion. The whole poem is alluding to the biblical story of Mary Magdalene and how Jesus forgave her sins. The men who were tormenting the woman and only causing her harm saw her sin as something unforgivable. When the preacher arrived, he stopped them and saved the woman from the ill-treatment. In “The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her son” the aspect of religion being emphasized is the belief that God will help you and he is the ultimate source of strength. This is seen by the fact that the mother kept on praying for her son. “She says psalms for him, she reads psalms for you” this is saying that the mother was a religious person that prayed and put her faith in God;...

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