The Biblical View Of Friendship Gene 100 Essay

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Williams 4
Alston Williams
Professor Ackerman
GENE 100
19 November 2017
The Biblical Concept of Friendship
Friendship. What is friendship? Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations, but true friendship is Biblical friendship. An unelaborated Biblical relationship is simply clarified as two people united to one another as friends through union with Jesus Christ. Although ultimately Christian’s do not, for lack of a better word, need friendship, friendship is undoubtedly prescribed by God. While the world, and or society corrupts the idea of honest relationship, true, genuine friendship is characterized as a union through Christ, and it’s through the savior and the savior alone that we as a people may be able to gather in proper and virtuous community.
Effectively, an “agreement with kindliness and affection about things human and divine” exemplifies friendship, but a real relationship is all that more honest when those in the relationship truly love God (Augustine). The truth remains prominent in that Christians who gather in community “belong to one another only through and in Jesus Christ” (Bonhoeffer 21). Further, honest friendship seeks truth, which means the participants in the relationship must seek and cling to all thing true in and about God, for if they do this they will be attracted to find Christ in the center of everything, and more significantly the people in their lives. Augustine elaborates that a person only really loves their friend when you “love God in your friend, either because he is in him, or in order that he may be in him” (Augustine). Continually, since friendship is created by God, there comes an understanding that it’s entirely possible that we can live without friendship, but friendship enables humans to reach pass their potential, for it reigns true that humans can live without God, but without him we aren’t truly living.
Based upon what it means to truly live, to experience a terrible relationship is still of Christ. Jesus himself “lived in the midst of his enemies,” and on the cross, he was “utterly” alone, and surrounded by those who consistently communion with evil (Bonhoeffer 17). It should not be taken for granted that we, as Christians, have the opportunity to gather together in fellowship, and it should...

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