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The Bicycle Kick Which Analyzes The Kinematics And Biomechanics Of The Motion In Soccer. Biomechanical Paper Essay

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Julia A. Polanco
Grand Canyon University: EXS – 335
November 29, 2017
In all sports, there are many different types of motions such as a volleyball serve, soccer kick, baseball throw, and many more. Each of these motions requires practice and should be perfected in order to decrease the risk of injury. A particular motion in soccer that is both rare and difficult to perform is the bicycle kick. It is a move where the athlete throws their body backward in the air to make a shear movement with the legs so that one leg is in front of the other to strike the ball that is airborne (Bicycle Kick, n.d.). It is quite an incredible move that must be analyzed to explain the different phases that occur, the muscles that contract, and movement occurring at different joints.
Literature Review
The difficulty of the bicycle kick has been studied in order to break down the different phases and motions occurring. Another important aspect of the bicycle kick is the range of motion throughout the body. Just like the phases of gait, there are different phases during the bicycle kick which include the jumping phase, take-off, bicycling phase, ball contact, and landing phase. During the jumping phase, the athlete moves their non-kick side leg toward their chest while their trunk reaches a horizontal position (Shan, 2008). At the take-off phase, the athlete is now airborne with their kick side knee flexed throughout the downward sweeping movement of the non-kick side leg which is...

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