The Big Bang Theory And Its Relation To Atheism

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Between eighty and eighty-five percent of people in the United States are religious and the others are atheist or non-religious. This number of atheists in the United States has doubled in the last fifty years but, why? Advancements in science has made believing in a monotheistic religion quite challenging. The Big Bang theory, evolution, and natural selection are some advancements in the scientific community. This information is easily accessible and a well educated person thoroughly knows about these topics. The Big Bang theory is a theory on how the universe was created around thirteen to fourteen billion years ago. This theory does not prove that god is nonexistent but, an explanation on ...view middle of the document...

The Big Bang theory is a theory that has most research on and has not been proven wrong. It is more logical than a supernatural power creating the universe, it follows all laws of the universe we live in today. Other than supernatural powers, there is not many arguments that go unanswered about the theory. When people become knowledgeable about this theory, it will make them wonder about their religious views. It is logic against supernatural, and logic wins a lot of the time. This is why atheism upcoming in the United States, a theory has came out that is logical and explains how the universe was created. It goes against most religions and makes people think about their faith. In some cases people will convert to atheism. In society with new inventions and scientific discoveries, people are thinking more logical and religion is one concept that is not sensible, causing an increased rate of conversion to atheism.
A common misconception of the Big Bang is people often think god created the universe or the Big Bang but, the Big Bang is only a theory. Nobody can prove who or what created the universe. The Big Bang theory has the most research done on it and it has so much evidence to support the theory. We current information on age, structure, content, shape, and expansion of the universe that supports the Big Bang theory(Choi). Also, we have improvements in philosophy and cosmology adding evidence to the already well researched theory(Anderson).With these advancements in this theory, the...

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