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Discusses my internal conflict of whether or not to go college after high school (and why I ended up going in the end), through my story of how I became alcoholic last summer. The prompt was to choose some conflict I've encountered and analyze all aspects of it's significance in my life.Andrew TuronProfessor Nels HighbergRLC1102 October 2003The Big DecisionI took care of everything that needed to be done for college early. The research and tours and essays and applications, all of it done with by February my senior year in high school. I never gave college a second thought at that time - it just seemed to me that after high school comes college. No other alternatives occurred to me, because I guess college simply didn't yet seem like a reality. A senior leaving high school, all I really thought about was how I dreaded my classes and how much I couldn't wait for the summer again. When an alternative route besides college dawned on me, it was simply too late. . .The summer before my senior year I made friends with Mike Witte at his brother, Dan's graduation party. Though he only lived a couple houses down I never actually met him beforehand. But I had an excellent time with him at the graduation party, and so we started to hang out over the course of the summer. I agreed to cart him to school in the mornings once the time came, since I had my license and he was two years younger than me, and the further time progressed, the closer we grew together. And so Mike and I unintentionally became great companions and eventually best friends.Around when that school year was nearly wrapped up, Mike started drinking like never before, and I as well. Why? Well, there is no question that Mike was definitely a key factor. You must understand, Mike had been corrupted by his drunken hick brother, Dan, who speeds around in his Chevy pickup blasting country music, and by his parents, who take him and Dan on family trips to the race track. Inevitably these habits rubbed off on Mike, and I was corrupted as well.I was somewhat hesitant to become an alcoholic at first; it's not as though one wakes up one morning and triumphantly declares their decision to become an alcoholic! At least I made an attempt at resisting, but the circumstances somehow seemed to outweigh my efforts. You see, through Mike, I met many new friends, all of who loved having a good time just as much as Mike did. With time, my friendship with each of them improved. There was Matt, Norm, Ilana and Missy and Daniel, and there was Scott and Moose and Ryan, Eddy and Andrew, the list goes on. I guess it was the combination of such a fun loving crowd with the utter dullness of our home town, New Hartford, that did me in. Honestly, finding some good wholesome fun in New Hartford is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is the occasional fair, with unthrilling ferris wheels and cheesy carnival games. There are the movies, but those are unnecessarily expensive and you feel like a vegetable after...

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