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The Big Five Research Project Essay

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The purpose of this report is to provide answers to the questions presented in the research project in the Rasmussen general psychology class. The first question ask was what are the five personality traits according to the prominent five factor model. According to the psychology.suite101 website (Pawlik-Kienlen, 2007) the big five personality traits are as follows:
• Conscientiousness - being disciplined, dedicated and organized. This also means being self disciplined and having goals in life and striving to achieve them.
• Agreeableness - being pleasant and easy to get along with, cooperative, compassionate and kind hearted
• Neuroticism - being easily influenced by negative emotions such as depressions, anger, or anxiety, moody
• Openness - being willing to try new things and ideas, experience new adventures, appreciation of art, imaginative, creative
• Extraversion - being positive, upbeat, energetic, and self confident

The second question asked was to explain what it means to be high or low in these traits. My explanation is that to be high or low in a specific trait is not necessarily good or bad. Most people fall into the middle or "normal" area. It is just an indication as to where someone falls on the scale in each specific area to determine what their individual personality traits tend to be.
The next task was to read the scientific article: The big five personality traits, general mental ability, and career success across the lifespan and answer what two personality traits are correlated with job satisfaction and to briefly describe those correlations. The two personality traits that most correlate with job satisfaction are conscientiousness and extroversion. Conscientiousness because of the tendency for this type of personality to be goal oriented, responsible and organized and extraversion because of the tendency for this type of personality to be self confident, energetic and enthusiastic.
The next requirement for this project was to find an additional article that investigates the big five theory and summarize the findings of that article. The article I chose was "The big five personality dimensions and job performance-a meta-analysis." (Murray R. Barrick, 1991). This research paper investigates the relationship between the big 5 theory and three specific job performance criteria of training proficiency, personnel data, and job proficiency for five occupational groups. The five occupational groups in this study are managers, professionals, police, sales, and skilled/semi-skilled.

The first step in this research was to collect and organize testing methods and literature...

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