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The Big Question: What Happens When We Die?

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The big question. No not that, the other one. The "what happens to us after life" question. It is something that has intrigued people everywhere. It has prompted the beliefs and semantics of different cultures all around the world. It started wars, divided people, and now dictates how we are all to act. "We should do this, we should do that. If we don't, we will be punished." I, for one, am tired of it. By all means, think what you will. But this is my writing, and you will have to open your mind to my thinking if you wish to continue. If you do wish to continue, I will be brutaly honest in what I think. There will be no sugar-coating in this oppinionated essay of mine.
They have been called "gods." These almighty, powerful beings that are far too superior for us to understand; or so most of us have been made to believe. Some may say he is a Great Examiner, others could say he is the Creator. Some could even say he doesn't exist. Frankly, what I want to emphasize is how such beliefs could reduce even the bravest and strongest of us all to a whimpering child. Something that we aren't sure of; something we don't even know is true. I see the point of religion is to make us feel secure of ourselves. Most of us, humans, need to feel comfort that there is something out there after all this delicate life is taken from us. So we go out of our way to ensure our passage and safety into this next life. Whether it be heaven, or an after life, reincarnation, or maybe just a new world of aimlessly drifting souls searching for peace. We submit and take every measure to please the Creator, pass the test, and avoid every such pain. They call it faith to dive into the unknown. I do follow this path too. I take my precautions and stay away from the "evil" as much as I permit myself. But faith can work both ways. It is when the person lets the faith control him, that it becomes dangerous in my eyes.
Take the...

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