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The Biggest Decision Essay

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Have you ever lost someone you love to suicide, or heard about someone who took their own life? have you ever thought about suicide yourself? We all know how heartbreaking and tragic suicide is. The fact that someone was that unhappy or felt so bad about life that they would be willing to hurt themselves is often a hard truth for most to swallow. well, this is similar to choosing to use drugs. when you make the choice to do drugs you are willingly poisoning yourself. You are hurting yourself on purpose with full knowledge of the consequences. Now, think about the fact that an estimated one in three adults have tried illicit drugs in their lifetime (“How”). Or the fact that nearly 10% of the population of the United States is addicted to some form of a narcotic (“Narcotics”). One of the most important questions you face in life is the choice to use narcotics or not, and the decision should not be taken lightly. Choosing to abuse narcotics can be very bad for your physical health and have many harmful effects on your social life, therefore there are many reasons you should say no to using drugs.
To begin with, everyone knows that drugs are damaging to your health. Putting chemicals and foreign substances in your body, especially some of the things in certain drugs, can have devastating consequences. The abuse of different drugs can have different outcomes, but none are good. While the use of narcotics may cause an immediate feeling of euphoria, relief of pain, or relaxation this is only temporary; other side effects can be much worse including reduced heart rate, difficulty of breathing, vomiting and nausea, and hallucinations and psychosis (“Drug”). On a short term basis, these symptoms can be life threatening and lead to overdose and possible death. Prolonged use and addiction to a certain drug can have just as awful results. Long term use of narcotics can damage your body severely and lead to life threatening conditions including liver dysfunction, cancer, seizures, and an increased risk of contracting an infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS (“Drug”). Drugs are not good for your health.
In addition to damaging your physical health, drugs also have a very negative affect on you social health too. Once you become addicted to drugs, many of your priorities change. Your put your need for the drug above many things that were once very important to you. Relationships become harder to manage, and you may lose many people who are close to you. Being in a marriage and raising kids can become...

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