The Biggest Decision Of My Life

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Imagine this. You are a 46-year-old male with two children. You have been battling cancer for the last three years. You went to a routine check up with your wife and you both come out in tears. You have just been told that you have months to a year to live, if you’re lucky. The doctors have given you the option of euthanasia.
You have to think, do I want to give that example to my children? What if the doctors are wrong and I have longer to live than they say? How will it affect my family and everyone around me?
You then start thinking about the positives of euthanasia and you start asking yourself questions like do I want to suffer through all that pain? If I choose euthanasia will that ...view middle of the document...

My Father who was terminally ill and was very against euthanasia once told me that his disease actually affected our family and friends more than it did him. Yes he was living through the pain and the fact that he was going to die but, the family had to think about life without him and how they would cope. I know for sure that if euthanasia were to be made legal and Dad had of chosen to be euthanized it would of made it one hundred times harder than it already has been. Euthanasia is not okay and should not be legal in any country. Think about how you would feel if someone close to you decided they wanted to be euthanased. How would you feel?

On the other hand, people argue that euthanasia is a good thing where people who are terminally ill can decide that they don’t want to suffer through the pain which is fair enough. Anyone who has watched someone with a terminal illness slowly deteriorate and cry out in pain at all hours of the night will understand these peoples point of views.
In 2012 alone there were 14.1 million adults diagnosed with cancer, of those people 8.2 million people died with cancer as the cause of death. If euthanasia was legal around the world and say half of these people decided to be euthanased. That would free up resources for 4.1 million other cancer sufferers who are not terminally ill and increase their chance of survival.
Furthermore, some people believe that they have the right to pass away in peace and with their dignity. Terminal illnesses are ugly diseases and in reality without euthanasia when you reach the end of your suffering you cannot do anything for yourself and are...

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