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The Biography Of An American Hero: John F. Kennedy. Discuss His Political Views And National Effects On The Us Government.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the President of the USA and was assassinated in Dallas, 1963. There has been a cloud over the truth since the assassination because the report issued by the Warren Commission did not necessarily have all the correct facts. Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted of Kennedy's murder and it was accepted that he acted alone, although there is evidence that contradicts this. Cuban Intelligence on behalf of Fidel Castro could have been the second assassin because Castro wanted Kennedy and his brother gone. Santos Trafficante of the Mafia also wanted Kennedy to be shot and could have been the second assassin. Jack Ruby, Oswalds' Killer could have had something to do with the assassination of President Kennedy and could have killed Oswald to keep him quiet. It also could have been Carlos Marcello, the CIA or the FBI.Lee Harvey Oswald was convicted of the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Oswald was seen entering the building with a paper bag that he said contained curtain rods, but could possibility contained the riffle. At the time of the shooting Oswald was on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository where three shots were fired. An officer let him leave the building because he worked there. After he left the building he boarded a bus and then the bus got caught in traffic so he got off the bus and took a taxicab to North Beckley Avenue. He then went to his lodging and left again and was walking down Tenth Street and Patton Avenue when a police officer pulled over and asked him some questions so Oswald shot Officer Tippet four times before entering the Texas Theatre, where he was arrested. The Warren Commission was in charge of issuing the report on their findings of the Kennedy assassination.The Warren Commission issued their report, which stated that; a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, using a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, murdered President Kennedy. Oswald had fired three rifle shots from the sixth floor of the School Book Depository. The President had been struck from the rear by two bullets. One of these bullets had entered the back of Kennedy's head and caused his death. Lee Harvey Oswald worked alone in the assassination. There had been no conspiracy. Oswald had killed Tippet with four revolver shots in order to avoid arrest. Although there is enough evidence to question the Warren Report.There is evidence to contradict the Warren Report and question the lack of thoroughness involved in such a high priority case. There was also evidence that was lost, such as the bullet that entered his head. There were witnesses who said they saw a puff of smoke from the Grassy Knoll at the time of the shooting. Dallas police tapes revealed that four shots were fired in 7.91 seconds and the time between the third and fourth shot was too quick for Oswald to reload. Professor Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel to the Assassination Committee concluded that four shots were fired, the first, second and fourth came from the Depository and the third...

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