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The Biography Of Michael De Nostradame (Nostradamus)

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Throughout the years there are many people who have claimed to have the ability to see the future but most of these are frauds and charlatans. There are a few, however, that have proven that they can foretell the future. One of the greatest seers of all time was Michael De Nostredame, who was also known as Nostradamus or 'the prophet of doom' due to the fact that most of his prophecies were about war and death. Michael de Nostredame was born at noon on the 14th of December 1503, in St. Rémy de Provence in France. He was the oldest son, and had four brothers. He was the son of Jaume and Renée de Nostredame. Jaume and Renée were Jewish but when Michael was nine years old, they were forced to change to Catholicism due to the Inquisition. His father was a notary for the town of St. Rémy. From Michael's four brothers, the three older brothers are not well known. Jean, however, became Procurer of the Parliament of the Province. His grandfather Jean (who Michael's brother was named after) was the one who took Michael and taught him Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Maths and Astrology. Michael married Henriette d'Encausse in 1533 but was only married to her for two years as Michael's Wife and two children died due to the 'black plague.' Michael was a very bright young boy with his intellect showing early in his life, but when his grandfather died; he was unable to continue his studies on his own. He was keen to keep his education going so he enrolled at the Medical Faculty at Montpellier. He achieved his bachelor's degree with not much difficulty. He received his licence to practise medicine shortly after this and decided to help the victims of the plague that lived in the countryside. He learned many unorthodox remedies out in the countryside which he later used to heal many of his patients that conventional doctors has classed as beyond help. He spent four years out there before returning to Montpellier to successfully complete his doctorate in 1529. He became an instructor at Montpellier and taught for a year. Michael de Nostredame changed his name to the Latinised form Nostradamus during his stay at Montpellier. In 1938, some Senior Church officials even though Nostradamus was a religious man they still sought for his arrest and soon the Spanish inquisition were looking for him falsely accused Nostradamus of heresy. Nostradamus had to flee and eventually ended up wandering Italy avoiding the arrest by the inquisitors. In 1546, Nostradamus returned to St....

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