The Biography Of Ted Williams: The Greatist Hitter Ever In The History Of Baseball.

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Ted Williams: The Splendid Splinter.It was the final game of the Boston Red Sox's 1960 Season, the crowd began to roar as "The Splendid Splinter" stepped up to bat for the final time of his career. The Crowd cried for something magnificent to happen to end this Legend's career. "Crack!" The crowd got on their feet and cheered just as Ted had ripped a frozen rope deep into leftfield deep into the stands for a homerun as he had done 520 times before. He ran the bases hard with his head down as he always had, and jogged into the dugout for the last time. The fans yelled "We want Ted!", but nothing happened. John Updike put it best "God's don't answer letters". Ted's dynasty was gone forever, but was not to be forgotten. Ted Williams was arguably the greatest hitter ever, who was drafted by the military and served his country, and was the most patient ball player ever.Teddy Samuel Williams was born in San Diego, California on August 30, 1918 (Ted was named after Teddy Roosevelt, and later changed his name to Theodore). When Ted was growing up he and his best friend Joe Villarino were the trouble makers of the neighborhood. Ted was looked at as the Huckleberry Finn of his area, always roaming around and causing trouble. Once when Ted was around the age of 10, he and his friend Joe tried to climb a water tower, but they were caught by the police right before they started climbing. There was a reason behind the madness, Teddy and his brother Danny were both victims of a bad family life. Their Father was an alcoholic who was rarely home, and his mother was very religious and devoted most of her time to the Salvation Army instead of her children.At the beginning of Ted's career in baseball he was drafted by the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League, and after spending two years with them in the minor leagues The Boston Red Sox purchased his contract for $25,000. Which would be the worst decision for the Padres as they would soon find out. Teddy played for the Minneapolis Millers for his one Minor League Season in 1938 with the Sox, that was his...

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