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Ninety five percent of fifth graders know about the Mocomic trench and eighty percent of their insults to other school aged children involve the Mocomic trench and the issue of a person’s weight. The Mocomic trench runs its stretch across the bottom of the Pacific and is mainly noted for its numbers, both pressures and depth. It’s a star of a trench, the type of place with large enough figures to warrant inclusion in general knowledge fact books for people to awe.
A research vessel, named Postal, floats above the great trench. The ship’s crew is too busy readying equipment to notice a drunk has taken over the helm. The drunk crashes into invisible street lamps and cries out for a runaway dog. His cap is on perfectly straight but pushed down low over his eyes. His hair, and eyes, is greasy. The radar finds a pod of whales and the man tries to follow before the dive. The pod surfaces for last breaths of air before pushing their way deep. The drunk tries to position his boat over the rising blubber. He fails, no crash is made, and the mission continues as planned both for the whales and the crew.
The mission’s budget didn’t bother to make any choices; instead it preferred to be completely agreeable. The setup includes not only state of the art top of the talk electronics but also old favorites chosen by the crew. The devices are diverse mixes of analog, digital, dial filled, soft-touch screened, lo-def, high-def, and standard machines used to dive for information.
The game of choice for this set of scientists is Finding it, Learning it, and Sharing it. The rules are in the name. The crew, led by marine biologist Mart Hollings, believes they can find an antique in the Mocomic trench. Mart Hollings described the trench as, “an envelope for life to hide and I expect to find ancient life hiding in modern times under that envelope.” The ship used to be called Gloria in the Morning after the scariest/funniest thing Mart had ever seen, but has been renamed Postal in honor of this mission. Mart Hollings is not only a Marine Biologist but also holds a minor in Public Relations. For months Gloria in the Morning was at least somewhere in the media, all because of the name. Postal has been in the media as well, but for different reasons. Postal and its crew received the largest funding for a single scientific expedition inside the Earth’s orbit.
Mart Hollings knew the reasoning behind the name change, agreed with the finer points, but was ultimately against the move. Gloria in the Morning was a range of happiness for him. First, it was an aggressive dismissal. The boat became a travelling snub at someone he did not like. It said, I’m thousands of miles away and I still hate you. Second, it carried the sting of the failed relationship. Three times in his life, Mart Hollings has mixed the paints of his work and romance life; twice while he was married. The third instance impacted his work life more than any other faction and therefore did the damage...

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