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The Biomechanics Of Pitching Essay

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To many, baseball is known as America’s pastime. They find it enjoyable to watch two teams strategize against each other in order to win each individual game. Many factors combine together to affect the outcome of the game. Usually the team with the most quality hits, fewest errors, and best pitching wins. One of the most important of these factors is decent pitching. If the pitcher is struggling it’s easier for the other team to get on base and score.
Pitching a ball both fast and accurate is more difficult than it may seem. These factors all depend on how the pitcher controls his body, or how well his mechanics all come together. This is a big reason why people started looking into, and ...view middle of the document...

The windup is usually more comfortable of a position than the stretch. In the windup the pitcher faces home plate. The phase begins when the pitcher takes a step either beside or behind the mound with his front foot, while balancing himself with his back foot. Next he lifts his front leg. When the front leg reaches its maximum height and the pitcher’s hands begin to separate, the windup phase is over. This leads right to the next phase: The Stride.
The Stride: The stride phase is when the pitcher starts changing that stored energy into mechanical energy. A pitcher moves his leg towards home as his arms swing down and separate, during this phase. Ideally pitchers are supposed to stride at least 90% of their height. This is the phase that gives most pitchers their velocity. This phase ends when the pitcher’s front leg hits the ground. As soon as that front leg hits the ground you’re ready for the next step: Arm Cocking.
Arm Cocking: This phase, because of being an unnatural arm movement, can cause injuries to the arm, mainly the Rotator Cuff. During this phase, the trunk and torso rotate in order to face home plate. At the same time the throwing arm rotates at the shoulder. The phase ends when the shoulder has rotated as far as it can go. After the Arm Cocking phase is finished you can move on to the Arm Acceleration phase.
Arm Acceleration: This phase lasts from the time the pitcher’s throwing shoulder first starts rotating to the time the ball is released. The throwing arm should act kind of like a slingshot would. It’s basically the same concept; when you pull a slingshot back, it stores potential energy, just like the windup. When you release the...

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