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The Birds And The Bees Essay

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Blossom was born in the spring.
Her mother named her because
she knew, although now she was
just beginning to sprout, one day
she would blossom into the most
divine maiden in the entire kingdom
of Florence. Her mother was right.

There were many men who wanted her hand in marriage, but there was only a single man who she wanted to give it to. His name was Sprout. They lived together in the meadows of Florence where there was rolling green pastures speckled with the most beautiful flowers as far as the eye could see. Love was in the air…

…though, unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing roaming the skies.

Swarms of bees patrolled Florence to make sure that all of the ...view middle of the document...

But that was exactly Sprout’s intentions. Though it was becoming clear that it would not work. Perhaps the swallow knew what to do.

“My love, she has been stung many a times. How can I rescue my beauty?”

The swallow had seen this happen before.
The swallow explained, “If you wish to save Blossom, you must treat her stings with honey. You can acquire the stuff at the top of the tower on the highest hill in the land. I can lead you there.”

Sprout and the swallow treaded up the highest hill in the land until they reached the base of the tower. The tower had shiny greenish-grey stonewalls. The walls were encircled with dark green vines that spiraled from the green grass to the dark gray sky. Ever since Blossom was stung, every thing was dark and cold. Even the heavens were having trouble holding back their tears. The clouds began pouring out rain.

Sprout and the swallow tried to escape the impending rain by entering the tower but they could not… There weren’t any doors.

But there had to be a way in!
There had to be! And there was.
Not too far from the tower there was
a hole that led underground.
That was their way in! It had to be!

They entered the hole but so did the rain. They were in a tunnel. The earthy ground began to flood past Sprout’s ankles. They both had to
hurry up and get out of there or else they would drown.

The water continued to creep up like a predator stalking its prey. And Sprout and the swallow continued to race blindly through this maze of catacombs. Then they came across many fibrous strands hanging from the roof of the tunnel. They climbed them like a rope and were led into the tower.
Inside the tower there was an emerald spiral staircase. The staircase lead several stories up. Sprout was exhausted and even the swallow was tired. But they could not stop to rest now. Blossom’s life was on the line and so was theirs. The water was still hot on their trail. I

They climbed


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