The Birth And Rise Of Christianity And Islam

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As of today, the world’s two largest religions Christianity and Islam share an estimated 3.6 billion members, more than half of the world’s population. On the surface, they appear to have almost nothing in common, however, as one goes beyond the surface and examines the other factors such as the rituals, beliefs, ethics, founders, and convictions, the two religions share many similarities. However, in order to truly see and understand these similarities and differences, one must date back to the rise and birth of Christianity and Islam.
Jesus, the founder of Christianity, and Muhammad, the founder of Islam, were both considered prophets of God. Although they only had a few followers in the beginning, the majority thought they were crazy or dangerous. This is one similarity between the two. Jesus was a Jewish boy born in Bethlehem and raised in the city of Nazareth. As a boy, Jesus studied the Torah and history of Jews, as well as memorizing the laws, prayers, psalms, and sayings of his people. In the Christian’s eyes, Jesus was a prophet, or Messiah, because he spoke the words of God and created miracles. According to the Old Testament, the role of a prophet was to foretell the future and the truth about God, in which Jesus did, as he spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem and the common basics of Christianity. Although some Jews welcomed Jesus as the Messiah who would save Israel from oppression, the Roman religious leaders did not. They believed that Jesus was just another false Messiah disrespecting the Jewish religion, or to the Roman Authorities, a revolutionary who would lead a Jewish revolt against Rome. Therefore, a crucifixion was ordered against Jesus. This left many Jews unhappy, but the Messiah spoke of a resurrection after death which attracted many new followers. In their eye’s, Jesus was now the “anointed one’ or Christ. The Muslim prophet, Muhammad, was born in 570 in the city of Mecca. Muhammad lived a normal life just like any Muslim, until he began seeing visions believed to be inspired by Allah. Muhammad believed that since Allah has already revealed himself to Moses and Jesus, it was now his turn to receive the final revelations. After receiving them, Muhammad tried to convince his people that the revelations were true, but most thought he was insane and crazy, or that he would upset the social and political order of society. As a result, Muhammad and some of his followers left to the rival city of Yathrib in 622. Yathrib was later renamed Medina, which meant “city of prophet”, as he began to win support from the residents in Medina and on the surrounding country side. With these people, Muhammad formed the first Muslim community.
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