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The Birth Experience. Essay

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We are all told that though painful, giving birth is one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences that a person can go through. When talking to two women that have given birth you see the differences of the two but you also see similarities. Given the opportunity to talk to two mothers I learned their stories and how things have changed in life from one time that one had given birth to the time the second woman gave birth. Even down to the simplest things there are differences in todays experience of giving birth that make things easier compared to 50 years ago. Two women, two stories, and a little person brought into this world, these sort of conversations are both enlightening and beautiful stories.
Barbara Martin, a 72 year old caucasian woman, was the first woman I interviewed about her experience on the birth experience. With the stories she had told me I could already spot differences that I just knew have changed since she gave birth 54 years ago. In June 1959, 17 year old, Barbara Martin of Maryland Heights, Missouri realized she had missed her period and just knew she must be pregnant. Barbara, a newlywed that got pregnant on her honeymoon, was filled with happiness when she became pregnant, she knew they wanted to start a family and that was just the beginning. When I asked if there was a lifestyle change when she became pregnant, Barbara quickly said “no here was really no difference in everyday life other than my body changed, I got fat and that wasn’t very fun”. The whole experience of pregnancy Barbara said that everything she went through was exactly what she anticipated. When talking about “old wives tales” there was only 1 really mentioned to her. The wives tale she was told about was that she was not to put her arms over her head or the cord could get wrapped around the babies neck. On March, 13th 1960 Barbara went into labor at St. Paul’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Although. during her pregnancy she had her family and friends, during the actual moment of birth she was only allowed to have the doctor and the nurse in the room, while everyone else waited in the waiting room. Because it was her first born the labor seemed long, although it only lasted 10 hours she said it “felt like forever”. It wasn’t until two hours after she gave birth that she finally got to see and hold her newborn baby girl.
The second woman I interviewed was Shea-La Baker, a 24 year old caucasian woman. On the day after Thanksgiving 2008, 19 year old Shea-La found out that she was pregnant by missing her period. Though she didn’t take that as her only way of knowing, Shea-La went out and bought 5 at home pregnancy tests, that all confirmed she was indeed pregnant. At first Shea-La was filled with all sorts of emotions from scared, to happy, and from nervous to extremely excited. Being that Shea-La was young she knew this meant a big lifestyle change, she couldn’t go out and party and she was no longer going to be able to drink alcohol. As the...

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