The Birth Of A Family: Foster Care Adoption

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Another choice of adoption is foster care adoption, Children in foster care can range in age from a few months to eighteen years old. Once the child is put in foster care the brith parents right are no longer valid. These children feel alone and have no one as family. Be understanding, "While many foster children are happy to have a home, they may not be so easy to please. Some will test your patience by acting up, being sad and/or shy. Don’t expect foster children to be extra grateful and obedient" (What Can You Learn From Your Response 4). If the couple or person looking for a child wants to make a difference in someone's life and has the endurance to finish raising a child that has ...view middle of the document...

International adoption can be hard on the child. They do not know the language, the people are different and their everyday
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surroundings are different. The person or people adopting may think they are helping the child, but the truth is they are terrified. International children need lots of love and a strong relationship with their new parent(s).
Transracial adoption is when a person or couple adopts a child of a different ethnicity. If the child is African American and the person or couple is Caucasian make sure that you have friends or people in the town that are the same race as the child adopted to make them feel more comfortable. If they are from a country where they celebrate different days or honor certain people make sure ones adopted child knows of them. The parent(s) should learn to do things to bring out the child's culture and respect it. Something even as simple as learning to braid hair can help the child to express themselves. These children of a different race than their parents usually have the hardest time in school with bully's and name calling. As a parent make sure to communicate with the adopted child and show them they are not different than anyone else.
For an adopting family deciding if contact with the birth family or not having contact is the right thing to do can be the biggest left or right decision a soon the be parent makes. Open adoption is the most popular decision adoptive parents are making now days. In closed adoption there are too many unknowns that children now days, once grow up, want answers to. With open adoption the adoptive parent(s) can set boundaries, so that the child can only have contact every month or every year or even every ten years. They child can keep in touch with their birth mom once old enough by text, email, social media or letters. The parents can coordinate events that happen every year where the birth family and adoptive family come together. James L. Grittier in the article "An Open Adoption Policy is Best"' discusses that open adoption eliminates the embarrassment and unclear of adoption. It also helps build relationships between the people
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majorly impacted by the adoption (Gritter 137). Many people wonder if the adopted child, once a teenager, will want to go live with their birth mom. The fact is many teenagers see how good they have it and do not want to go live with their birth mom. Another question parents worry about when having an open adoption is that the birth parents might want their child back. In all reality they should see they made the right decision by giving them a better life with other parents. Open adoption is a good way to go in the adoption path.
Parents need to forgive and develop themselves before...

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