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The Birth Of A New Mother

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It was the Spring of 1992 when I first became a father. I had met the love of my life, who was holding in her arms a little girl who weighed ten pounds. I didn’t bring this little girl to life, but I took her in as my own, I became her father by choice. It is not easy to call yourself a father, it is more than just a title. Since I decided to father this precious little girl the priorities in my life had to change. A year later my wife gave birth to another little girl who weighed seven pounds and nine ounces. I was now the father of two little girls who I loved and cherished. Both of my girls were different. Our first born had long brown straight hair with light skin and our second born had curly short black hair and had darker skin. I never neglected one over the other and tried my best to treat them the same. Both of my girls were social butterflies and loved attention. Since I was the father of these two girls my wife naturally was their mother of course. I focused on bringing in the income and paying for everything, while my wife stayed home and watched our girls. I was a happy father and husband. I spent seven years watching my wife run after them day and night. She would make them dinner, bathe them, shop for them, and everything a mother does. By the seventh year of my second child’s birth I surprised my wife with a vacation to Hawaii. I remember that morning like it was yesterday. Just like any other day I heard my wife in our girl’s room packing their bags and getting them ready for grandma’s house. Grandma didn’t live too far from us in a small town where there is plenty of greenery and large plots of land everywhere. I loved taking the girls to their grandma’s because they spent a lot of time outside in the fresh air running around in the green grasses. I was in the master bedroom trying to decided what polo shirts I wanted to pack for our trip. It was 8:00am when it was time to head out the door and drop the girls off at my mother-in-laws. We loaded our Toyota Corolla with our luggage and headed out. My wife was beyond excited to be spending a week away from home, just her and I. When I pulled into my mother-in-laws long driveway she and my father-in-law were already in front of their ranch style home waiting for the girls. As I watched my wife kiss and hug my two girls good-bye it brought me so much joy. I thought to my self, my life is perfect and I don’t want anything about it to change. I was done unloading the bags from the car and I kissed and hugged my girls goodbye. My father-in-law pressed his hands on my shoulder as he reassured me that the girls would be in good hands for the week. I helped my wife back into our car and we headed out. A couple miles into the road I grabbed her soft hand as we headed off to our destination. I loved my wife, she is a charming, loving, and strong woman. When I first met her seven years ago her husband had passed away from prostate cancer. I met her at the Regional Hospital where I worked...

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