The Birth Of An Empire: Essay

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The arrow zipped through the air and penetrated the soft flesh of the young buck; the deer was only startled by the minor arrow that would soon kill the young deer.
“You need to work on your aim more, you almost hit the gallbladder and then the meat would be ruined, and we would have nothing to bring home for dinner,” Elessar’s father sternly said.
“Yes, Father,” Elessar replied
“Now go get the buck.”
“Yes, Father.”
Elessar sprinted toward the buck obediently without questioning his father.
“And watch out for the wolves.”
Elessar kept on running without acknowledging what his father said. His eyes searched through the thick wood looking for the deer. He crouched low to the ...view middle of the document...

A spurt of blood sprayed all over Elessar’s face. Elessar lifted his arms to throw the wolf off of him then the pain came back in a wave of pain surging through his arm. He totally forgot about his injured arm.
He turned his head to get a better look at his wound, but he couldn’t make out the
damage done. Blood engulfed his shoulder in the hot thick mess. He reached down to a little

brown leather pouch tied to his cloak; he tore it open and inside there was a thick liquid. Elessar quickly swallowed it; He cringed at the feeling of the soupy liquid slowly making its way down his throat. He laid there, and the liquid made his wound burn in agony, but all he could do is wait. Elessar cried with pain and then went limp he started losing control of his muscles one by one. First his arms, then his legs and then his whole body went limp. He was just a lifeless wood elf lying on the soft moist dirt. Little bits of his body began to disappear: it started with his feet which then moved on to his upper thighs, then to his torso until he was completely gone.
Elessar woke up to his bare back lying on a cold beautiful white slab of marble, engraved with gold on the sides. Elessar opened his eyes and blinked a few times to stop the blurriness so he could see correctly. He turned his head and looked at his now freshly bandaged shoulder wrapped in pearl white cloth decorated with a ring of fire on the outside and a sharp tooth in the middle: the elfish warrior symbol. Then he noticed the beautiful engravings on the side he almost didn’t notice that there were small fingers interlaced with his. He traced back the fingers that were intertwined with his to his beautiful girlfriend.
“Nethil.” he said with joy
“Elessar, I was so worried.” Nethil said desperately throwing her arms around Elessar
“Ow.” Elessar said as a shock of pain went through his shoulder
“Oh, sorry I forgot that you were injured.” Nethil said sadly

“It’s ok; pain is a minor thing that I will suffer through for you.” Elessar said smiling a little
“Awe.” Nethil said throwing her arms around Elessar once again
This time he didn’t say a word at the flare of pain erupting in his shoulder, he just sat there enjoying...

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