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Mark and I didn't know what to think. To be honest Constantine sounded great. He didn't look crazy or like he was hiding something. I tried my best not to look back into the shop while Mark went into the grocery store across the street. I was waiting outside the car, pretending to text on my phone. Just then Constantine comes out with a bag and comes up to me.

"Hey Emy, sorry to bother but I know how much your grandmother likes meat, so here." He gives me a bag of some meat, it looked really good.

"Thanks Constantine, but you don't need to do this. I mean, for free? Let me give you something at least." I went into my purse to grab my wallet but he stopped me, clutching my wrist tightly.

"Leave. You shouldn't be here." He looked serious. His voice got deeper and he eyed the meat as if there was something else in there that he didn't want anyone to see but me.

"Uhm...-" He cut me off abruplty.

"I said go!" He yelled at me. His eyes deepened in colour. I took it by surprise and then quickly got into the car. I tried not to look at him but couldn't help a few glances. His eyes were on me like a hawk hunting their prey. I turned on the car and began to drive away from him.

I was a couple of blocks away until I realized I had completely forgotten about Mark. When I attempted to make a U turn I failed to notice the car infront of me and I crashed into it. Just then a woman got out of the car and slowly walked over to me, like she didn't care about her car.

"You shouldn't be in this town hunny, someone might hurt you." Was all she said, before I even had a chance to apologize or even react. She looked beautiful. Here hair was black with perfect curles stopping at her C cup boobs. Although something was amazing about her eyes. They were a compelling light blue that was mouth dropping to look at. She was wearing a black dress that showed too much cleavage but she could pull it off. That was not the freaky part though, the freaky part was when everyone around saw and heard what happened. They only reacted when they noticed me, it seemed to be like they were sniffing.

"Food!" The crowd was all roaring at once. I was completely flabbergasted, and unable to react. I froze, unable to think. All I had on mind was wondering where Mark was.

"Food!!" The roars got louder. I was trying to look through the crowd to check if I can see Mark but he wasn't anywhere in sight. I didn't see Mark, instead I saw Constantine, behind the whole crowd. He was in a black suit this time, eyeing at me.

They got up to my window and began to bang on my car. Without another word I quickly ducked my head inbetween my legs and screamed for dear life. Then, suddenly the banging stopped. I waited another 5 seconds before I released my head from inbetween my legs and looked up. They were all gone, acting as if nothing happened. I was back in the parking lot across the street from the meatshop with the bag of meat by my legs. When I looked up I saw Mark walking up to the...

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