The Bitter Truth Essay

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The Bitter Truth
From the moment we learned to speak, our parents taught us that we should be honest. Most people don’t seem to follow this teaching since everyone lies in one way or another. Bella DePaulo, a professor who’s studied the phenomenon of lying, conducted an experiment on one hundred forty-four people. They were instructed to record every lie they told in a journal for a week. Only seven people claimed to have told no lie (“It’s the Truth”). Honesty is a moral duty, which can only be disobeyed in certain situations.
What exactly is a “lie”? A lie is “an intentional untruthful declaration to another person” as defined by the eighteenth century German philosopher, Immanuel Kant ...view middle of the document...

The liar is trying to impress people. You shouldn’t tell lies like this because it is immoral. Also, you will have to remember which lie you told to which person, which is just not a situation you want to find yourself in. These types of lies could be more serious. For example, a doctor lying to a patient about the severity of the situation the patient is in. The doctor could be trying to protect himself from being sued. This is morally unacceptable. The patient could be in grave danger of permanent injuries or even death!
Lying to family members is okay in some cases and frowned upon in others. Lying about Santa is acceptable. Telling children magical things are real to protect their childhood is perfectly fine. As long as the kids believe, just go with the flow. They will need to figure out with time. There should be a clear moment when they are ready to let those fantasies go. For example, if the child questions how Santa can go through every house in the world and leave presents (Cohen). They are perceptive, so you tell the truth about Santa. Nonetheless, if your child comes crying to you and says that his friend told him that Santa is fake, you tell them a lie since they are not ready for the truth (Cohen).
Moreover, lying to a spouse is completely unjustified. Such as, lying to your spouse about cheating. If this is the case, you don’t have a healthy relationship and should...

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