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The Black Cottage, Sikes And Nancy, And Treasure In The Forest.

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I have read 'the Black Cottage' written by Wilkie Collins in 1859, 'Sikes and Nancy' written by Charles dickens in 1869 and ' the Treasure in the Forest' written by H.G. Wells in 1895.A feeling of suspense is created the black cottage when the two housebreakers attempt to break into the Black Cottage. The climax in the story is when Bessie finally escapes from the cottage just as Dick and Jerry break the door down.HG Wells Treasure in the Forest creates suspense as the two explorers find the dead body of the Chinese man near the treasure. The climax of the story is when Hooker pricks his thumb on one of the thorns and realizes what Evans has done.Suspense is created in Sikes and Nancy when Sikes kills Nancy the climax is when Sikes accidentally kills himself when he falls off the roof and the rope hangs him by the neck.In Sikes and Nancy nearly all of the main characters are villains. Nancy is shown to be the good one as she does nothing bad, but she is not necessarily perfect. Sikes is clearly made out as the villain as he is the one who kills Nancy and he got what he deserved when he dies. Another villain could be seen as Fagin, he is the one who hires a spy to watch Nancy when she goes to see the people but he is also the one who tells Sikes that he may be being over the top about it. Morris bolter is not shown as anyone as he is just doing his job and not taking sides.In the treasure in the forest there is not a hero or heroine. Hooker and Evans are shown as the villains as they killed the Chinese man and stole his map so they could steal his treasure. Although Chang-hi was shown as evil because he was a china man, which in the time of the story racism was a common thing. There were considered dirty and greedy but also the reference to the devil makes him seam like a very dark character.In the black cottage the heroes and heroines and villains are very clear. Bessie is the heroine who saves her cat and Mr. and Mrs. Kniftons pocket book from Jerry and Shifty Dick. Shifty and Jerry are the Villiansas they try to break in to the black cottage , try to steal the pocket book and they make sexual remarks towards bessie (who is shown as quite a young girl).In the Treasure in the Forest there is a lot of suspense. This is from the constant searching in the story. As the two explorers search the unknown landscape the reader is given a detailed description of the forest and what is happening. This lets them feel the same tension the explorers feel as they see the first glimps of the poisoned Chinese man.In the scene in the treasure in the forest where hooker gets pricked by one of the thorns he creates a lot of tension by making hooker frantic once he has found out what has happened.'he started at the thorn with dilated eyes' this shows that hooker was thinking and realising what evens had made him do. 'his back was bending and straightening spasmodically' this gives an impression of the kind of pain he was in.H G wells shows the Chinese man , chang-hi...

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