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The Black Panther Party has politically impacted life for the black African American community overall, using their civil liberties and voice to stand up and protect their own people from police brutality is what started the Black Panther Party. The Majority of Blacks were impoverished, they lived in poor neighborhoods with increased crime and violence. Neither the government or any organizations did anything to help the African American people, many just did not care about how Africans Americans were being degraded and mistreated. They decided to change their community, take charge and fight back. The organization was created to try to gain and control their political power, and stop police brutality. The Black Panther Party made blacks more progressive in trying to be more equal and more willing to fight for justice. Their self-determination to come together and stand up for themselves, as one was a stepping-stone for blacks to fight for themselves and the good of their people, also to make sure blacks could be treated equal both socially and politically in society.
The Black Panther Party was started in Oakland, California in 1966, when “Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton took up arms and declared themselves apart of a global revolution against American imperialism” (Bloom). They wanted to empower the black people to stand up for themselves and defend themselves against the police and their unjust ways. The police were the oppressor’s that kept blacks down and kept blacks from gaining any self-rights. In the book “The Forbidden History of the Black Panther Party”, Bloom quoted from Huey P. Newton stating that “Because Black people desire their own destiny; they are constantly inflicted with brutality from the occupying army, embodied in the police department”. They took matters into their own hands, because the government would not help them, the Black Panther Party started controlling their own faith, they started a revolution that would change and influence African Americans. After the Black Panther Organization was founded, life began to change for African Americans; more people began to join the Black Panther Party, they created programs to help out the black community. “The racist dog oppressor fears the armed people; they fear most of all Black people armed with weapons and the ideology of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense. An unarmed people are slaves or are subject to slavery at any given moment. If a government is not afraid of the people it will arm the people from foreign aggression. Black people are held captive in the midst of their oppressors.”(Newton), Newton’s reason in saying this is because, he thought whites figured, if the Blacks get enough control and power they will be able to progress and hold power in places that they were not able to hold power in before, they wanted blacks to stay in poverty, they needed the control to make sure blacks could not gain equality.
The Black Panther Party was one of the strongest...

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