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The Black Panther Party were an African American organization that formed in 1966 to try to end racism and inequality for all black people. They were a help at the time and supported civil rights for African Americans, but used more violence to support their cause. They fought for freedom for all discriminated black people. Then later on, new Black Panther Party’s formed to support their original cause.
Before the Black Panthers, slavery just ended, and there was a civil rights movement going on. Many African Americans were involved in the movement to end racial segregation and get their freedom and equality. Martin Luther King, Jr., involved in this movement and instead of violent protest, ...view middle of the document...

A year later after his speech Congress passed the civil rights act of 1964 which stated that no discrimination is allowed for any reasons of race, color, or religion. This gave some power back to black people. But it didn’t end there. Racism was still continuing. Black people were being publicly beaten and treated unfairly. They could not fight back. The whites and blacks were still against each other. There was still racial segregation and discrimination that could not end yet. The struggle for civil rights got harder as whites outlawed black and left them with barely enough to survive.
The Black Panther Party formed from two founders, and Huey Percy Newton was one of them. Newton was born on February 17, 1942, in Monroe, Louisiana. His father was Walter Newton and his mother was Amelia Newton. In Louisiana they had on unjust hardship for blacks but two years after Newton’s birth, the family moved to California hoping for a job opportunities and a more secure home. Newton was too young to understand that racism was happening. As a kid he did minor crimes like stealing quarters from a parking meter to get money for his family. Older, he got arrested multiple times but still managed to graduate from high school but unfortunately could not attend Merit college because of those crimes. He still as able to finish law school in San Francisco. He got into American politics and decided to help in the fight for civil rights.
Bobby Seale was the other cofounder of the Black Panther Party. He was born on Oct 22, 1936 in Dallas, Texas. His family moved to different places in Texas but chose to stay in Oakland,California. This was during World War Ⅱ.
World War Ⅱ was a global waged war that lasted about six years. Many countries created forces that fought and invaded to other territory.
Seale was dropped out of high school and dismissed from the U.S Air Force. He went to attend Oakland City College where later he met Newton not knowing that they would start the Black Panther Party.
Bobby Seale and Huey Newton cofounded the Black Panther Party for freedom and equality to all black people. They lived under strict rules. They were not allowed to pull out a gun and shoot someone for no reason. They were not allowed to even pull to a gun by accident. Or take anything from the poor because it was the poor they were trying to help. African Americans got poor from racism and inequality. They were limited to their rights. Bobby Seale was the chairman or leader. Newton was the Minister of defense for the BPP(The Black Panther Party).
From FBI documents, Newton was serving time in jail from 2 to 15 years for killing a police officer. Or rather he was accused of doing so. That was probably because people who did not suffer from racism must have wanted to keep it the way it was and start arresting Black Panther Party members to sustain back their power over black people. Another time that a Black Panther Party member was accused of something was Huey who was...

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