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It was a village on a hill, all joyous and fun where there was a meadow full of blossomed flowers. The folks there walked with humble smiles and greeted everyone they passed. The smell of baked bread and ginger took over the market. At the playing grounds the children ran around, flipped and did tricks. Mama would sing and Alice would hum. Papa went to work but was always home just in time to grab John for dinner. But Alice’s friend by the port soon fell ill, almost like weeds of a garden that takes over, all around her went unwell. Grave yards soon became over populated and overwhelmed with corpse.
The village had shutdown, the once giddy streets became grim. Flowers that once flourished in the meadows around the village wilted and rot. Death took over homes. Blissful faces became helpless.
What would you do if you were here, your home withering away, the feeling of joy and pure delight becoming distant memories and unfamiliar. Some tried to fight it with God, but most tried to run from the Plague, the Black Death created a race for survival and all were playing.

Separate from her family Alice dragged her feet against the dark deathly street and saw death all around her, ghastly corpses piled up in heaps and strewn for miles. Houses were grime and gray, all boarded up tight, shunning away sunlight. Her blonde hair gently hitting her blank face, dancing with the wind, her dull blue eyes gazed at the faces of the dead bodies in front of her and saw an image of herself; helpless, desperate, and a puppet to the plague.
“Hurry now, we need to leave,” Mama emphasized.
“Why are you in such a hurry?” John fussed.
“Have you no sense child,” Papa yelled as he smacked John in the head, “all are dying, we need to leave at once to save ourselves from the evil around us and the death that is taking over.”
“Where shall we go?” Alice asked.
“We shall go to a place closer to god and away from those who sin, when we get there we will be saved,” Mama replied. “Okay, the horses are ready.”
Alice had finally realized what was happening. The moment was surreal; leaving was an impractical idea and an even more foreign action. Everything and everyone that she loved, she had to leave. Her smile lines faded as her frown grew larger. Her sorrowful eyes puffed up, glinting. A tear trickled down her red cheek, setting off a chain reaction; they all started sobbing. They were forced to accept the two options that were presented to them; either leave in an attempt to save themselves, or stay and fall victim to the plague. Little did they know that no matter what they decided, all would collapse and die.
Without any sense of closure they rode on with the country set in mind.

A house quietly sat alone in the grass lands. The cobble stones of the house were green with moss, each latched on by thick green vines. The wood of the door crumbled with rot. Behind it was an untamed yard occupied with tall grass, hay, and weeds. They slowly entered the house, greeted by the...

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