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The Black Sox Scandal Essay

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The game of baseball has been labeled as "America's Pastime." Since its beginning in the United States about 150 years ago, millions of people of all ages have played the sport. With anything in life, especially sports, cheating will always occur in some way. Throughout the history of baseball, many scandals and offenses have occurred. While many of these situations have eventually passed over, one in particular has not; it stands out significantly: The Black Sox Scandal.
The year 1919 was a busy time around the world. World War I had just ended and quite a few of the soldiers were baseball players ("The Black Sox" 3). Also, the United States was beginning to enter a depression, and ...view middle of the document...

Some con-artists noticed this opportunity and began to take advantage of it.
Although the Chicago White Sox were a largely successful team with little to no problems on the field, they had numerous problems off the field. The players were treated extremely poorly by the team's owner, Charles Comiskey. Comiskey himself is quite often thought of as the main reason why the scandal happened, in rebellion against his harsh treatment of his players ("The Black Sox" 3).Their treatment was ridiculously unfair. Not only were they grossly underpaid, but they were also told promises that he had never planned on keeping. The players were also required to pay for the laundering of their own uniforms; if they did not, they would be fined ("The Black Sox" 3). Another reason that is commonly thought of as to why the scandal occurred was because many of the players did not get along with each other. Started mainly by jealousy, constant fighting had been going on among the team. These fights soon led to the division of the team into two cliques. One of the cliques was led by the team's second baseman, Eddie Collins; while the other clique was led by the team's first baseman, Arnold Gandil. The cliques were mostly divided over the issue of the players' salaries, with Gandil's clique bitterly resenting the difference between their salaries and the salaries of Collin's clique ("The Black Sox" 3).
The leader of the players' side of the conspiracy was, as most people have agreed upon, Arnold Gandil. Gandil desperately needed money, not only because of his awful salary but also because he was rapidly beginning to age and would have to retire soon. Arnold wanted this deal to contain an enormous amount of money, totaling up to an astounding six figures. If he were to receive a confirmation that the financial portion of the scandal had been set, he knows he would have to ensure that he has multiple teammates on board with him and his plan. Acting upon this knowledge, Gandil went straight to the two most powerful players on the team, starting pitchers Eddie Cicotte and Claude Williams. These two would be crucial to the success of the fix. The duo had been dominant for the entire year, winning a ridiculous 52 games combined. Neither Cicotte nor Williams hesitated at the offer; in fact, they were both pleased to hear a movement protesting their owner, Charles Comiskey, had been started. Although Arnold Gandil knew he now had the key pieces surrounding him, he acknowledged the fact that he still needed more. The next man he went to was the team's captain of the infield, the shortstop, named Charles Risberg. Risberg confidently accepted the deal and was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that the fix would be successful. While Arnold was informing Charles about the operation at task, another player overheard. This man was a utility infielder named Fred McMullin. When McMullin realized what they were talking about, he jumped all over the idea, demanding a role in the...

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