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The Blame Game: Media Vs. The Society

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Media has undergone through various transitions, from the errors of telegraph, magazines, radio, telephone, televisions and now internet. It's one mode of communication that has ensured that our lives are smoothly running, from the education systems, healthcare, entertainment and relationships, come to think of it, some forms of media have become more like breakfast. For instance, the first thing that people, especially youths do when they wake up in the morning is to check their face book and twitter updates. Communication as a major form of infrastructure has ensured that the world is up to date. Work is simplified and running errands is not a problem as compared to the previous years.
With the exponential growth of media, their influence have also grown, for instance the mode of decision making is based on knowledge (William Hoynes), communication is one of the best if not the best, in providing information and that is why people turn on their televisions the first thing in the morning, reading the newspaper in the morning and listening to the radio for news. This is what feeds peoples’ appetite for knowledge. Now as much as we have our trust vested in these sources of information, to provide us with the relevant news, entertainment and so forth. We should also not overlook the negative influence that it has on society and children in particular.
The issues of restricting some programs to be aired in the media, airing some programs during specific times, usually have raised alarm upon some groups of society. For instance in Nairobi, Kenya, internet access has been barred in some parts, to curb underage access of pornographic materials. Some media have also been closed because of televising inappropriate films. Televisions specifically expose people on images of violence, sex and much more. Statistics indicates that over 40,000 children are exposed to these vices every year. More companies are emerging by day and competitions are the orders of the day, media, unfortunately, have turned from their main purpose of providing information to mere business. Now human beings with their devious nature have turned to such sources that seem to interest people, without considering the implication on the larger societal ethics. The looming crisis of drug abuse is another issue all blamed on the media. The negative influence of media is not only restricted to children the larger public is also a victim of the media for instance advertisement of products to fit the description they really do not deserve, precisely cheating the mass.
The media are not entirely negative as it might sound from the previous demonstration. I must agree that advantages of media are tremendous and cannot be overlooked, for example, the influence of media on work is fantastic, take the importance of teleconferencing, it reduces the time, it’s cheaper and efficient, hands down, it has contributed majorly in the growth of economies’ of countries. In the instance...

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