The Blame Game: The Usage Of Race In The Politics Of Guyana As The Cover Up For Development Delay In Guyana

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Racial and ethnic conflict play a essential role in the politics of Guyana. Since the split of the PNC and PPP in the late 1950s, maybe not with the intent of Cheddi Jagan , but with President Forbes both leaders caused Guyana to split between races and ethnicity. This conflict still exists today in Guyana. Cultural pluralism is to blame for these split, but it is not the reason for development delay in Guyana. When you compare both political parties they are similar except race. Most of the party members are scholars, doctors, lawyers and other high esteemed professional people who can contribute to Guyana’s economy very well but choose not to. So why is race used as a cover up when it is really class association that is the real culprit.
Third World Socialism along with ideology and race plays a major part in Guyana’s
development delay, this trickles down to class association and its influence on Guyana’s political parties. Class association in Guyana delays the development of this country because those that are rich and better educated feel that they are entitled to live the good life while the poor/working class continues to suffer. Some of them who were born poor, but were lucky enough to become successful and elevate to an higher class association tend to forget where they came from. As of today, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps on widening while both political parties are nothing to stop it. As a third world caribbean nation, of course corruption plays a huge role in politics and the economy. The poor and working class play a significant role in the development of Guyana. In fact they are the reason why Guyana is still afloat today.
The working class and the poor are not better off as they were after, before and during British control. A challenge to the PNC/PPP today is trying to convince the poor/working class (in which they use every trick in the book to get their votes) into believing that their issues and concerns are being addressed. The people who occupy the political offices that are supposedly the protectors of the poor/working class are nor faced with the same question every voter has when they realized that their selected political party has not fulfilled its promises “ what happened?” The working class has to continue the battle of having to satisfy themselves just to make ends meet. What is meant by “satisfying themselves” is crime, Guyana has an extremely high crime rate. Some of their crimes such as murder, kidnapping and extortion make urban neighborhoods in America look like Child’s play. There has been no end in sight for the poor/working class. When will the Guyanese people wake up and stop voting for race and class to run and develop this country. It is no secret that Guyana’s economy will not grow at a better rate to improve the lives of people and most importantly the development of the country...

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