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The Mixing Of The Indian And European Lifestyles Influenced Everyone’s

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The mixing of the Indian and European lifestyles influenced everyone's lives. Throughout time one could see the two sides unit together as one and one could also see them collide with disastrous ends. The Indians and the white men would unit to make peaceful treaties. Then the treaty would get broken and the two groups would collide in battle. Even when the Europeans and the Indians finally agreed on a way they both could farm and hunt, it eventually turned out hurt the Indian's way of life. The Europeans also affected the Indian's culture in both positive and negative ways. David Edmunds explains and shows examples of how the two groups mixed in his book, Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership.Europeans settled in North America, claiming land that was never theirs to claim. The British initially made a deal to protect the Indians, but dishonored the deal when a battle broke. During this battle, many Shawnee fled the battlegrounds to a British Fort where they were not allowed. They were hoping that the fort would give them protection. The trespassing Indians were taken as prisoners. On August 3rd, the Indians signed a treaty calling for them to remain at peace, relinquish all the prisoners, and give up the land in the southern, eastern, and central Ohio. In return the white men gave the Indians goods, valued from $5,000 to $10,000.The Shawnees' lives were simple and they were spiritual people. The role for of men and women were also very simple. The men were the hunters and warriors. While the women were used as the housekeepers, clothe makers, and kept the families close. In the spring and summer months the two main projects were to farm and to re-build the villages. During the fall and winter months the Shawnee hunted, which allowed them to feed their families. By the early 1800's the Indian life became much more difficult. The white hunters wiped out most of the wildlife, forcing the Indians to start using more modern, "white man", ways of hunting. An agreement was made that would set up farming for both the Indians and the British. In 1807 the British sent William Kirk on a mission to Wapakoneta to finalize the plans with the Indians. The mission was a success, but in the long run hurt the Shawnees' ways of life.The "white men" did not only change the way the Shawnee hunted and harvested for food, but they were also rapidly taking place in the Shawnee culture. Not all of the lifestyle changes had negative effects upon the Indians, but things such as European diseases did. White men carried diseases that the tribal medicine leaders were unable to cure and therefore, killed many Indians. Materialism was another problem the Indians, whom in the past were communal people, had to face. The white men were greedy and out for themselves, something the always-sharing Indians were not use to. The frontiersmen also introduced the Indians to whiskey, which paved the way for alcoholism amongst the tribes' people. The European lifestyle brought by...

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