The Blessed Trinity: The Community Of Love

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The concept of the holy trinity is something that is almost an impossible to full comprehend. The Idea that there can be three persons, fully independent and yet the same person is very difficult to wrap your mind around. A relationship so bursting with love is one that God himself could not keep just between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit was to be shared with the human race, however how great God’s love may be, the human race does not fully reciprocate this love. The bond that the father, son and Holy Spirit is something that, because of Adam and Eve had been lost from humans grasp. However, because of that sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Mankind was able to regain some of the love that had been lost.
As I reflect over this mysterious bond within the blessed trinity I can’t fathom how such a love can exist. Although I am a Catholic and I have grown up knowing about the trinity, I never fully could comprehend the way in which God shared his love with in the trinity. Through the aid of ...view middle of the document...

The love that was given to Adam and Eve before they tasted the fruit and brought original sin upon humanity, however, through the birth death and resurrection we now have the ability to enter into paradise and experience this unconditional love once again.
Throughout this semester we have spoken about God’s love, in regards to Francis and Clare, and towards humanity and the blessed trinity. Prior to this class I did not see the dynamics to which the trinity followed. To my knowledge the trinity ranked in order of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it did not occur to me that they would be even in their status. However from my learnings in this class I can now see that all three of these heavenly being possesses the same status in heaven, that the relationship is mutual in love. I feel that because of this greater understanding of the unconditional love that the Holy trinity displays I have come to have a greater understanding of how God wants us to love one another. I know in my own life I sometimes struggle to fully love my neighbor as myself as God has so often called us to do. But by seeing the unconditional love that the blessed trinity portrays it is inspiring me to reach out more to others.
Throughout my academic career here at Saint Francis I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing classmates. Although going through the nursing program can be difficult, with such friends it makes the journey into an adventure. Although at the beginning of this semester we were strangers we have become an almost family. When I first began my time here at Saint Francis, I was quiet and shy not knowing many people, it made adapting to the new environment very difficult. However I eventually became close to a few great people, and eventually I came out of my shell and found such a bond between my classmates that I never expected to find. As this new semester began, I met new students, freshman, who I could see going through the same thing I did, being unsure and afraid. I saw an opportunity to make a difference and befriended them. Although this is a small act, I think in a way it is how the God would want us to be. As the holy trinity showed love to towards the human race and wanted to help and share this love. I wanted to reach out to my fellow students, to share the love that I ad received that made such a difference in my college experience.

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