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The Blind And Disheartened. Essay

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'She's ready for surgery!", exclaimed Clara, my nurse, trying to overcome the deafening roar of the Alpha XH-1 helicopter that had just landed nearby our clinic to deliver more clinical aid equipment. With great exhaustion from a difficult day of cataract surgeries, she continued, "She's got a degree of nuclear cataracts in both eyes! Lloyd, she's our last patient here!""OK!", I shouted loudly in response. I didn't even bother looking at the patient. I could feel that I was becoming insensitive and impatient. I was giving into my tiredness. It's the path that I often give into when I'm confronted by it. Despite my exhaustion and diminishing concentration, I turned around to see who the next patient was, for the sake of respect.I could feel my impatience trying to dominate my life, just like how the war was dominating Liberia. But I didn't want my impatience to affect others, not like how the Liberian war affected Sierra Leone. "We need to perform this surgery swiftly and efficiently! We don't have much time on our side, and we need to get transferred to Masingbi as soon as possible! We're behind schedule, the helicopter has arrived, and there must be at least a hundred Sierra Leoneans waiting for our aid over there!"It's becoming almost impossible to bear. Another poor Sierra Leonean woman with cataracts disease in both eyes. These people, their eye sights are blocked by a blurry white cover which harmlessly rests behind the iris and the pupil of the eye, yet causes extreme limitations in their lives and their families. It's like a lifeless parasite. It gradually and passively sucks the life out of people as they begin to struggle to live without sight. Blindness. As I prepared and set up the surgery, the helicopter's roaring engines have inactivated, which brought a sense of peace and silence into the small eye clinic.I slip on a pair of white, cold vinyl surgery gloves for the thousandth time today. I walk up to the poor woman almost blind by the ghost-white cloud, and I touch her ash-black shoulder. She cannot speak my language, nor can I speak hers, however I know that she understands the non-verbal language of trust. With anticipation, I pick up my phacoemulsification probe with my left hand and turn it on. I wear my surgery mask. I pick up my steel medical chopper with my right hand...* * *It's now dusk. It's raining hard, but we are in the shelter of the Toyota Hilux. The windscreen wipers slapping at the falling rain and the thick, brown mud splashing up from the endless ditches on the rocky road. As I look up, the dark and grey clouds in the sky frighten me, and gives me an unusual sense of fright and anxiety. I glanced at the wide scenery of this beautiful land of Sierra Leone.When I see people suffering from poverty, where they hesitantly endure courageously, it is impossible not to reflect on the nature of pain and evil, which has the power to engulf people and their dignity like a large black hole.I remember when I saw the strength...

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