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The Blind Man From Cathedral By Raymond Carver

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The blind man from Cathedral by Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver wrote a short story called ‘‘The cathedral’’, it is about a woman who has a long time friend and he is blind. He comes at her house to see her and then realize that she as a husband. At the beginning, the husband has a good vision but he is the one who seems "blind." The husband is speaks and do signs when he is talking to Robert, the blind man, the husband is kind of ‘‘blind’’ because he does not notice and understand what it is for Robert to be blind. What does it mean or how it changes his life to be a person who cannot see anything, to be a blind man. The husband seems very uncomfortable, Robert makes him feel that he is ...view middle of the document...

He is trying to find a subject to talk with Robert but all he thinks about is the man’s handicap, he is not seen as a human by the husband. The husband does not realize and thinks that the blind mind is like him, that he is intelligent, he has emotions, and ideas. He almost sees him as an alien from another planet, a kind of strange animal coming from no where.

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The husband really does not know what to say, what to do and how to act with Robert.
Here is an example of that, they have just finished eating and they are going in the living room.
The husband describes his thoughts about what happened in the room The husband shows that he does not like the fact that Robert is with them by the way he is acting. Robert is not a human, not a person, this is it, he is just a blind man that is what the husband thinks in his mind since the beginning.

The story goes on and on, the relation between the husband and Robert is positively going forward and the husband is acting differently because he is starting to treat him like a human. During dinner, the husband shows that he is...

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