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The Blind Side By John Lee Hancock

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The Blind Side is written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and is a true story based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. The storyline features the life of young Michael Ohery. The movie takes viewers on a journey with Oher through his troubled childhood, to his years at Briarcrest Christian School, to his adoption by the Tuohy family, to college recruitment, and finally to a position on the Ole Miss’ football team. The movie is set in Memphis, Tennessee. The Blind Side emphasizes the importance of family, love, acceptance, “doing the right thing” as Leigh Ann Tuohy says, and mercy. The Tuohy’s actions and Michael’s story are not fiction, and this account will be shared throughout the world. Let the glory be to God. It is said that actions speak louder than words—that people will be remembered for what they do and how they love far more than for what they say. The innate transformational power of God’s love is witnessed through the acceptance, compassion, support, and perseverance of the Tuohy family.
During most of his childhood, 17-year-old Michael Oher lived in foster care homes. After being placed with a new family, Mike would often run away to a friend’s home where we would sleep on their couch. At one time this friend’s father decided to speak with a coach at Wingate Christian School about receiving assistance in getting his son and Mike enrolled in the school. Coach Colton was impressed by Mike’s size and athletic abilities, but Mike’s academic records were poor. Putting this aside, the coach felt Mike needed to be at Wingate and admitting him was the right thing to do. When speaking with the other board members Coach Colton says “Christian! We either take that seriously or we paint over it. (Pointing at a symbol on the wall) You don’t admit Michael Oher because of sports. You admit him because it’s the right thing to do.” Coach Colton was able to get others to look past Mike athletic abilities and academic standing and to see that enrolling Mike was the right thing to do as Christians.
Early in his days at Wingate, Mike is befriended by a small boy, SJ Tuohy. His father, Sean, is an affluent business person and his mother, Leigh Ann, is a strong, down to earth interior designer. One rainy night, Leigh Ann notices Mike walking in the rain, shivering in the cold. After learning that he intends to spend the night outside the gym, she offers he stay at their house. The next morning Leigh Ann invites Mike to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their family. Leigh Ann looks beyond Michael’s physical appearance of a gigantic young man and sees a heart screaming to just be loved.
As Michael begins to become part of the Tuohy family, friends and neighbors begin to wonder what Leigh Ann and Sean are doing and why they are doing it. Some even suggest that Mike may be a danger and their daughter, Collins, is not safe around him. Leigh Ann is disgusted by these remarks from what she thought...

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