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The Blitz In Britain Essay

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The Blitz in Britain

During the Second World War, Civilians were involved as well as
soldiers. As part of the conflict Britain and Germany bombed each
other’s major cities. People in both countries had to cope with the
effects of these air raids. In Britain the bombing of the cities was
known as the Blitz.

Some people write about the Blitz as a time when the British people
shoed great cheerfulness and courage. They say their morale (their
spirit and attitude was good. Other writers believe that much of what
was said and written about the high morale of the British is myth (a
false impression) rather than truth.

This assignment presents you with sources during the Blitz and
afterwards and gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself.

1. Study Source A

What Can You Learn from Source A about the response of the British
people to the effects of the Blitz?

Source A, is an extract from the book “Waiting for the All Clear”
which was a book published in 1990 to celebrate the fiftieth
anniversary of the Blitz. This extract comes from the publisher’s
description of the books contents inside the front cover.

This particular extract from the book is written in a positive tone as
it’s celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Blitz. Words
describing the people such as: “heroes”, “courage”, “unshakeable”,
“determination”, all contribute into the reader learning that British
people at the time did all the work in good humour. However although
this source is written to celebrate the Blitz fiftieth anniversary
therefore it being written in a positive tone, the book doesn’t
actually deny that life for British people was hard during the Blitz
as it states “Those at home in the most appalling circumstances kept
their sense of humour. Their memories will break your heart and make
you smile”. As this quote states, although people who lived through
the Blitz were held in appalling conditions, the source also says that
the people carried out their lives in good humour and all pulled
together to fight the war. The source also praises them for being
patriotic as it states “the British people showed that they didn’t
have to be in uniform to be heroes”. This source is biased as it is a
one sided view on the British people’s response to the Blitz and
because it’s written in a positive tone many years after the Blitz
when negative feelings would have passed.

2. Study sources B, C

How useful are sources B and C in helping you to understand the
effects of the Blitz on people in Britain?

During the Blitz severe effects took place on buildings and also
peoples morale.

Source B is a photograph taken on the 21st January 1943. The picture
shows an air raid on London at Catford Girls School. Catford is
actually in South East London and this particular part of London had

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