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The Bloomsbury Group Essay

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The Bloomsbury Group

The Bloomsbury Group consisted mainly of family, colleagues, and friends who shared ideas in writing and painting. "Bloomsbury" signified a group of people who were close in friendship as well as in talent. The Bloomsberries, who were known as the Bloomsbury Group, spent a tremendous amount of time together. Each individual attempted to contribute valuable ideas to one another’s individual works. Two of the most important aspects of the Bloomsberries were Literature and Art. All members of this circle of intellectuals were vastly incorporated with both of these aspects as well as a few others. The most well recognized writer of this group was Virginia Woolf.

"The Bloomsbury Group is a popular collective designation for, a number of English intellectuals prominent in the first quarter of the 20th century, all of whom were individually known for their contributions to the arts or to the social science" ( Bloomsbury is a residential and academic district in London. "Bloomsbury" began shortly after the death of Sir Leslie Stephen in 1904" ( Johnstone 3). Leslie Stephen with the help from the Victorians basically prepared a passage for "Bloomsbury" to come about. The death of Sir Leslie Stephen was basically how the Bloomsberries finally came out into the open. "Leslie Stephen’s life, which neatly straddled Victoria’s reign, was an epitome of a facet of the intellectual life of that era" (Johnstone 3). The Bloomsberries and the Victorians were quite diverse in their style of art. The Bloomsberries rebelled against the Victorians. "It is a polemic against the Victorian establishment and its culture- that culture which Bloomsbury believed had begot the terrible slaughter of the First World War" (Marcus 23). The Bloomsberries did not like the way the Victorian culture viewed people. "And it was impossible to create informality, affection and intimacy, if, like the Victorians, you were always portentously weighing this person or that in the scales of judgement" (Marcus 24). For that reason the Bloomsberries rejected critics of the Victorian culture.

The Bloomsberries and the Victorians have totally different style. The Bloomsberries style basically had no relation to the Victorian style. Bloomsberries made a lot of judgements. "Of course Bloomsbury made judgements- very severe judgements- on human beings, on events, on art. But they delivered such judgements in a style that bore no relation to the Victorian style of pontification" ( Marcus 25). The Bloomsberries on the other had a style of making assertions, just by raising their eyebrows. The Victorians had a fascination with beauty. "It sprang also from the rejection of the Victorian obsession with beauty- that beauty which cascaded like treacle over every object in the home and emerged in the shape of stucco moulding, buttons, beading,……, and foliage" ( Marcus 25-26).

The "Bloomsberries" as a whole...

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