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The Blowback Of Operation Ajax Essay

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The relations between the U.S and the Middle East are strained at best. The troops deployed in the area face constant threat of attack by a militant group. These broken relations between the U.S and the Middle East started over 50 years ago, with the Iran Hostage Crisis. Root causes of the crisis were many. One was U.S greed over oil in Iran. The second, the coup in Iran organized and funded by the CIA. The U.S dependence on foreign oil is another cause of the problems. Lastly, should the U.S stop moving into other countries sovereign lands and trying to “Prevent the evil of communism”, the nation would not have so many problems around the world. This worry was even shown in Iran (Kinzer, 10). While often blamed on radicals, the strained relations between the U.S and the Middle East are a direct result of a poor US foreign policy.
One main cause of the Hostage crisis is the U.S dependency on foreign oil. The need for foreign oil has led leaders to make poor decisions in the past. The CIA intervention in Iran in the 50’s is a great example of this. The Government led and funded a revolution to get a ruler that favored the U.S more than the Prime Minister favored western nations (Kinzer, 11). The U.S and Brittan felt that if they overthrew the government that they could get more access to oil and therefore, move on to other nations with oil having gained oil in one country. This need for the oil in Iran was a prime example of a poor decision made by the two governments to get the oil that they wanted en=ven if it set up loose ties that would quickly break. The need for the foreign oil led to a complacent feeling of rights to the oil owned by the sovereign nation and decided to meddle with the politics in that nation to get what it wanted. These actions would in the end hurt the U.S more than it would gain it. [DJ1]
If the CIA had not stepped in and funded the overthrow, the people of the Middle East may not have such a strong hatred towards the U.S. Many people in the nation were happy with the rule of the Prime Minister (Kinzer, 15). [DJ2] The U.S government assumed that because they were not happy, nobody was happy. The U.S government had the idea to just waltz in and change the government to meet its own needs. The near failure of the coup was a disaster for the CIA. The paper trail was easy to track back to the U.S. the anger over the U.S involvement by Iranian citizens led them to lead another coup of their own (Farber 14).”It was, as they said again and again, ‘a nest of spies’ whose intelligence agents must be stopped from planning another coup against Iranian self-determination.” (14) The Iranian people believed that if they did not do something to the U.S, it would try another coup to go back to the U.S favoring government.
The current war debt is 1.5 trillion dollars and counting. It costs 11.26 million an hour to fund the current wars in the Middle East (National Priorities). These wars can be traced back...

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