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The Blue Jay Essay

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When you hear the word sky what do you think of? Most people think of clouds, the sun, stars, airplanes, or even rain. Most people tend to forget about one of the most beautiful creatures, which spends most of its time flying in the sky. These incredible creatures are birds. They are the things that we wake up to in the morning and the things that we watch out our window in the afternoon. Birds just do not get the attention they deserve. In this paper I am going to take some time to tell you about a favorite bird ...view middle of the document...

Another interesting fact is that Blue Jays are able to mimic the calls of other birds. They are one of very few birds that have this talent. Blue Jays are also known for raiding other birds' nests. They will attack any bird anywhere near the area of their nest in the spring, they will even go as far as stealing their eggs, young birds and even nests. They love robin nests and often take them over for their own nesting. In fact, a Blue Jay nest looks much like a robin's nest a large collection of sticks. The inside of the nest is usually lined with grass. These birds are considered to be very noisy and aggressive but during the nesting season they are very secretive. They Jays like to nest in very thick bushed areas where they can not be seen. And while nesting the bird uses a whisper call to communicate with its mate. This is strange for the Blue Jay because they usually have a very loud call. Blue Jays are among our most beautiful and smart back yard visitors. Watch them and learn just how smart a bird can be. Hopefully, after learning a little more about blue jays you feel a desire to learn more about many other types of birds. While not all birds are as interesting as the blue jay they are all unique.

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