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The Blunt Truth Essay

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A couple hits of cannabis are capable of stimulating sensations for the individual that ultimately result in a euphoric experience. The legality of this astounding drug has been a controversial subject for decades. Marijuana officially became illegal in the United States in 1937, on account of the Marijuana Tax Act (Gahlinger 35). Since then, the topic of legalizing marijuana has been discussed, but never exhausted. Many compelling arguments have been made in support for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States; in fact, more than 70 million Americans have tried marijuana (Marijuana Myths…).Prohibition has proved to be ineffective ...view middle of the document...

The illegality of Marijuana causes individuals to be exposed to more harmful substances than if it were legal. Attaining cannabis from an illegal dealer presents a danger to the buyer; they have no way of knowing the contents of the product they are being sold. Michelle Sampson, a five year marijuana smoker, commented on buying the illegal substance, “I am always a little afraid that I’m not getting what I asked for.” If marijuana was to be sold on a legal market, then the customers would have the knowledge of what it is exactly that they are putting into their bodies. Moreover, legalizing would decrease the money going to international drug trafficking. The American economy would receive a significant boost from this, because the money would instead circulate back into the United States. Also, recent data supports the notion that legalization would reduce use among adolescence.
An unlikely effect of legalizing marijuana is that it discourages teenage consumption of the drug. A recent report released by the federal government stated that marijuana use by Colorado high school students has dropped since the state began regulating medical marijuana. The availability of marijuana is decreased when made legal; therefore teenagers are less exposed to the drug. School campuses are especially popular places for frequent marijuana buying and selling. Dealing cannabis is a fast and easy way for adolescents to attain cash, but when it becomes less available, they have trouble obtaining it and selling it. Prohibition of marijuana also caused many misconceptions about the substance within society, including the degree of harm it causes.
A good portion of the American population believes that marijuana is an addictive and extremely harmful drug, but that is simply not true. In fact, cannabis is a safer substance than some of the drugs legalized today. First off, Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol and tobacco. Individuals can develop a physical dependency for tobacco and alcohol, but not marijuana. Also, people who drink too much alcohol can experience alcohol poisoning and can die, but there has never been any report on a death due to cannabis overdose (CDC). Additionally, pulmonary researcher, Donald Tashkin conducted a study that strengthened the idea that marijuana does not cause lung cancer, but cigarette smoking does. In his study they measured lung function of various subjects over an eight year period and found that tobacco-only smokers had an accelerated rate of decline, but marijuana smokers experienced the same rate of decline that non-smokers would experience. Not only is cannabis less harmful than originally thought, but it can also be of medicinal value.
Marijuana has the potential for advantageous medical effects on...

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