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The Boarding House Essay

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In a short story, the Boarding House, a main character, Mrs. Mooney, began a wonderful relationship with her husband, Mr. Mooney, however she did not realize that the relationship would turn around after the death of her father. Mrs. Mooney’s experience in marriage was not what a female imagines, after the death of her father that was when Mr. Mooney “began to go to the devil”(Joyce, 61). Mr. Mooney’s actions were all over the place: he began to drink, gamble, and the worst of all, one night he ran after Mrs. Mooney with a cleaver. At this point Mrs. Mooney knew that she had to separate herself and her family from Mr. Mooney. So, Mrs. Mooney had taken all of the money from the butcher’s shop ...view middle of the document...

Although, Mrs. Mooney did not say anything about Polly and the men flirting, Mrs. Mooney knew right then and there that none of the ideal men were being serious besides one.
Mrs. Mooney obviously wanted to protect Polly from men, but she of course did want Polly to experience men of her own interest as well because, “between mother and daughter, [there was] no open understanding [relationship]”(63). Since there was no open relationship, Mrs. Mooney is shown to have a lot of control over Polly. Overall, leading to the fact that young women experience flirting while some older women experiences a bad marriage.
In the short story, Mrs. Mooney’s son, Jack Mooney, is not emphasized because of his similar misbehavior of his father, Mr. Mooney. Since Mrs. Mooney experienced such as horrible relationship with her love life, she did not want Polly to be only around men like Jack and Mr. Mooney. She began to control over the life of Polly because she wants to protect Polly as much as possible from men who are not in a stable state of mind. She knew she wanted Polly to stay away from men who are abusive and not understandable. Mrs. Mooney has a definite idea of what she wants for Polly because of her own experience which gives a reasonable reason why she surrounds Polly around ideal men in the Boarding House. She believed if she sent Polly to boarding school, then she would learn how to be a housewife, which allows Polly to flirt with the other men at the Boarding House and fine a husband. When Mrs. Mooney noticed and hears rumors of Polly flirting around, “though people in the house began to talk of the affair, still Mrs. Mooney did not intervene”(63). Furthermore, as a mother, a mother would not allow a daughter to flirt with other men so easily, and instead they would intervene. Unlike Mrs. Mooney, she does the opposite, which is why it is believable that Mrs. Mooney’s intention was marry off Polly.
Although it may seem like Mrs. Mooney is trying to control Polly and her motives were to get as far as possible from her husband. It is a plausible reason to try to keep the kids away from Mr. Mooney; because of his actions so building a Boarding House can put a roof over Mrs. Mooney and the kids’ head. However, readers may believe that this is the reason why Mrs. Mooney builds the Boarding House but from the beginning, Mrs. Mooney has picked out the men who are to live in the Boarding house with her and Polly. Readers are unaware of the motives that Mrs. Mooney wanted to marry Polly to an ideal man, but in the more into the story, Mrs. Mooney did not intervene with Polly’s flirtations with the men living in the Boarding House.
She shows this when she is observing Mr. Doran and Polly’s relationship, “At last, when [Mrs. Mooney] judged it to be the right moment, Mrs. Mooney intervened”(63). To put this in another way, Mrs. Mooney basically waited for the right time to talk to Mr. Doran about his and Polly’s relationship. Mrs. Mooney wanted Mr. Doran to...

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