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The Effects Of Body Modification Essay

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How do you feel about tattoos and piercings? Some people frown upon tattooing and piercing their bodies. Some people don’t believe in it, because they either don’t find pleasure in getting them, or even because they have something against them. This is why in the following readings you will learn more about body modification. More deeply into the positive and negative effects body modification has on you and/or your surroundings.
Body modification, or otherwise known as body mutilation, is when a person deliberately alters their human anatomy. They do this in numerous ways. But for now we are only touch upon tattoos, piercings, and plastic surgery.
To start, body modifications have been around for numerous years. Ranging as far back as the Iceman era. The first evidence of it can be traced back to an iceman found in the Otzal Alps between Austria and Italy. After carbon 14 dating was done on the body, it was proven that indeed the tattoo was done before his dead nearly 5,300 years ago. That dates back long before the birth of Jesus Christ! The design on this iceman were said to be only ornamental, were for purposes involving magic, or even just to state the social status between the Iceman’s group or tribe.
Even in the early ancient times tattoos were popular. Taking part of the fourth dynasty. At this time tattoos were just getting to the needle stage. What is meant by that is that they were just starting to use it to actually create the tattoos. They also, adorned clay dolls with tattoo-like designs while further serving to prove that tattoos actually had a meaning in life. From the poorest to the richest everyone had one type of tattoo.
As time went by, the progression of tattoos got better. By the early Polynesian era (18th century), tattoos were well know, in fact they were known as tatu. Their methods of creating tattoos was way different from the early ancient times. Polynesians were very artistic and used a lot of geometric shapes. However, instead of an actual needle they used a flat, chisel-shaped piece of bone that just about four centimeters long. The chisel-shaped pieces where sharpened at one end to look sort of like a comb. Afterwards, the sharpened end was dipped in a pigment then hit with a small mallet to drive the pigment into the skin. They were very serious about their tattoos that they wouldn’t stop tattooing themselves until they were actually all covered entirely. Can you imagine that?
As time passed, so did the evolution of the tattoo. Nowadays, tattoos are created with a thin needle dipped in ink. And then the needle would break through the skin with an up and down motion leaving the ink in the path created. Painful, but yet effective and safe. This new era method, resembles those of the Ancient Greeks technique. Unlike the ancient times they use more protection and take care of the tattoos. Making illnesses more difficult to obtain.
The more people got familiar with tattoos the more they categorized certain...

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